Update on FSD price increase and V10

Update on FSD price increase and V10

Update from Elon:

“Price increase for Tesla FSD postponed until version 10 with smart summon is in wide release, which is about 4 to 8 weeks away, depending on how early access goes”

I know this was mentioned in another thread, but it was worth promoting to a new topic.

Jodi3734 | 20 august 2019

I almost posted yesterday that I bet he is waiting for the price increase when V10 is ready to roll. I believe he had stated that V10 was approximately August 16th so I assumed that was the reasoning behind the date.

It just gives folks some more time to get in on the lower price. I flipped the switch August 1st. I don’t really get why folks are up in arms about it pushing back a little bit.

If you want it, get it. If you don’t want it, don’t get it. If you bought before August 16th then you obviously wanted it.

Dramsey | 20 august 2019

Funny how the schedule moved from "before the end of August" to "about 4 to 8 weeks away."

(Actually, nobody expected it this month. But all us owners love playing Charlie Brown to Elon's Lucy, as he yanks the football away from us again.)

My guess: 2020

EVRider | 21 august 2019

Like I’ve said in other threads, if Smart Summon is the only thing holding up V10, I think they’ll eventually release V10 without Smart Summon and add Smart Summon in a point release. I think Smart Summon is more challenging to get right than Navigate on Autopilot on city streets (as long as there’s a driver to take over). Whether the FSD price increase is tied to the release of V10 vs. Smart Summon remains to be seen.

rainrider | 21 august 2019

Ready to purchase FSD, but the purchase option disappeared from my Tesla home page. ??

EVRider | 22 august 2019

@rainrider: Which car do you have, and do you already have AP? Where in your account are you looking? | 22 august 2019

@rainrider - Looks like the Tesla account page -> Manage has completely changed from a week ago. My guess is this is a work in progress and the buy FSD needs to be added. I bought FSD after purchase, and once I did, the option to buy it disappeared. In the new View status, it only states "Full Self-Driving Capability": It appears the status is only when the vehicle was first purchased and not the current status.

EVRider | 22 august 2019

@TT: “Full Self-Driving Capability” is what Tesla calls the FSD option, so that’s correct. On my wife’s Model 3 page, that appears under Post Delivery Options.