M3 thinks I'm my wife

M3 thinks I'm my wife

For some reason, I knew this would be an issue...

I just updated my M3 with the latest upgrade and received chess (!) and the key/profile sync.

My wife and I both drive the car so obviously we both use our phones to access it. I attached hey profile to my phone and mine to phone. Several times tonight as I was wiping down the interior and having my phone plugged in, the car would randomly keep changing profiles to my wife's. I would change out back only for it to do it again.

Her phone was with her in our house and the car was in the garage with me and my phone.. Could it have been picking up her phone somehow? Or just an early bug?

EVRider | 22 august 2019

The car only switches profiles when open the driver’s door. Any chance you touched the profile icon when cleaning the touchscreen? If not, reboot the car and see if that fixes it.

EVRider | 22 august 2019

When you open the driver’s door...

Keytoarson | 22 august 2019

I was the last one to drive the car so it was set to my profile, and when I went back in it, it switched to my wife's profile even though my wife's phone was nowhere near it.

I was cleaning the seats when this happened so I never touched the screen. I'll try rebooting it. Thanks!

lbowroom | 22 august 2019

"I attached hey profile to my phone and mine to phone."

Sorry, can you clarify what you mean here? Sounds like you assigned both your profile and your wife's profile to your phone.

jdcollins5 | 22 august 2019

Are you sure it is not switching to Easy Entry? You can check your Phone Key links in Settings->Locks->Profile. Under your Phone Key name you should see your Phone name and your Driver Profile name.