Powerwall Peak OffPeak

Powerwall Peak OffPeak

I am looking at the advanced time of use settings in my powerwall in Australia there are two peak periods and 2 shoulder how to get the setup working

gregbrew | 25 august 2019

I recommend playing with the settings, and monitoring behavior for them. It's certainly not obvious how to set it up.

Since I'm not on a TOU, I've got mine set to "Backup Only". They've done their job during the three outages I've had in seven months. THREE outages! WTH is happening with the infrastructure here? It's not like I live in the sticks, either. I'm in suburban So. CA.

mkapras | 12 september 2019

It's all those damn EVs charging ;-)

Gigaron | 13 september 2019

In California, we have Peak, Partial-peak, and off-peak. I set the times for Peak and Off-Peak and it seems to be picking up on the Partial-peak by itself. As gregbrew says, you may have to play with it.

zoomerdog | 16 september 2019

I have Peak and Off Peak. I have 2 PWs and have set the advanced to "cost saving". I typically use 1 - 8 kWs per hour during the day. However, my highest usage is dinner time where I typically use 6 - 8 kWs per hour or about 3-4 hours of battery backup. I've set my "peak" to just 6:00 - 9:00 pm each day. I have my Reserve set at 15%