Cleaning Interior

Cleaning Interior

Anyone have any recommendations on cleaning the seats and steering wheel? What product does Tesla recommend or use themself?

jimglas | 24 august 2019

whatever you would normally use. Soap and water is a good place to start. | 24 august 2019

Note that the steering wheel is leather, so I'd only use products designed for leather. Seats made in the last 2+ years are synthetic leather and I suspect just about any non-caustic cleaner will work. | 25 august 2019

Leather? I didn't think mine was. I think it is a synthetic. The leather I've had before had a skin on it that my fingernails would catch and scratch. They always end up with the skin pulled off of sections. I'm a guy and my nails are usually short... until they grow out and I haven't cut them. But it's not like they ever get long. Leather just seems fragile. After a year no damage to my X steering wheel.

Vawlkus | 27 august 2019

ArmorAll stuff does a decent job.

artc1688 | 27 august 2019

look for a nice interior cleaning/protectant product; look for UV protection and gentle on the (synthetic) leather
wife is sensitive to smell, and may want to pay attention to the odor also

volefen | 27 august 2019

Model X Guy, do I have this right? You're using the 19X8 slipstream wheels for the Model S on the X? I have a set from my Model S with winter tires 245/45/29. So if I change them to 245/55/19 it can work on a 5 seat 100D Model X, with 1/4 spacer?

LimawanS85 | 27 august 2019

Costco baby wipes