DashCam for Model X

DashCam for Model X

With all the multitudes of sensors and cameras around the model X, I am told a Dashcam will be superfluous. Is this true?

Are we able to view or download camera footage from the car? Is there a way to save it?


jwlynch3 | 25 august 2019

I think you need to specify the auto pilot version to get an accurate answer. I read in another forum that AP1 forward camera cannot be recorded, saved or reviewed but the Model 3 AP can. There is a 2 gen gap in the model x AP! and the model 3 AP. As the owner of a 2016 model 3 I wish someone would hack this camera so that it can be viewed like the rear camera, but haven't seen it done yet. | 25 august 2019

@losangelesram - "I am told a Dashcam will be superfluous. Is this true?"

Depends on what features you want. The X must have HW2.5 or later to use the Tesla dashcam. Worth using if you have it. Then again a third party dashcam offers a lot of befits beyond the Tesla dashcam. Here's my analysis along with some comparison images: | 25 august 2019