My cars don't show up on the mobile app

My cars don't show up on the mobile app

Is anyone else having a problem with the mobile app this evening? I have a Model S and Model 3. I was charging the Model S and when I tried to check on its status, it gave me a communication error. Got home and used the fob to open it. The display says it is fully charged. Went to charge the Model 3. Using the mobile app, I was initially able to open the charging port, and start the charging. But then it suddenly kicked me out of the app. When I logged back in, the app reported that there were no cars linked to my account. I rebooted the phone, same result. The web interface on my computer shows both care are still linked to my account.

jlsamsjr | 2 september 2019

Yes, here's the request I just submitted to Tesla: "When I tried to wake it up it said unknown error, (many times). My wife got the same message on her app. I rebooted my iPhone, I rebooted the car, I deleted and reloaded the app, I created a new password, nothing worked. I was able to log onto my Tesla using the new password. Please help since I have to evacuate tomorrow due to Hurricane Dorian and I want my app to work."

ualev | 2 september 2019

Now I too could not log on to the app on iOS. It says I don’t have any products registered in my account. Checked my account on and both of ours shows up properly.

Don’t log out from app if you want to drive your Model 3 I guess if you did use your card like I am doing :(

Hopefully it will get fixed soon.

rosscreasy | 2 september 2019

I have the same issue

SCCRENDO | 2 september 2019

You guys made me nervous. I am 45 miles from home and my wallet and keycard are inside the car. I also cannot connect via the servers. The good news is that the phone opens the car through Bluetooth which is fine.

ruthieX | 2 september 2019

Same issue here. I submitted a help request

rpreuss | 2 september 2019

Same problem. Tesla app cannot connect and Stats says no cars on Tesla account. Tesla is having major problems. Time is 9/2/19 @ 23:05 EDT.

Hi_Tech | 2 september 2019

I'm getting the same issue... hence, logging in to the best source of info - this forum. Hopefully they fix it very quickly.

jonhuegel | 2 september 2019

Ditto this!

ajaymds | 2 september 2019

Help. Our app will not let us sign in. We tried changing passwords too. Our cars won’t work. Stranded at a supercharger.

ajaymds | 2 september 2019

Help. Our app will not let us sign in. We tried changing passwords too. Our cars won’t work. Stranded at a supercharger.

ajaymds | 2 september 2019

Time is 11:17 pm EST

DanO. | 2 september 2019

App is working again, for me at least. 21:31MST (11:31 PM EST)

jlsamsjr | 2 september 2019

App now working for me as well. Found out by reading a similar thread in Model 3 forum. Apparently this was a problem all afternoon for some, (or all?)

GWH79 | 2 september 2019

On my IPhone I went to the app store icon. Looked up Tesla and there is an update showing for the app. I updated it and then it worked fine after having problems with the app not working for a few hours this evening. I downloaded the update at 1115 EST tonight. Maybe this will help others out there?

Hi_Tech | 2 september 2019

Looks like my app is working fine now. Just past midnight EST.

carlk | 2 september 2019

I have two Tesla S and X. They do show up on the app but neither was updating this evening. I finally got it to work by going to setup and select switch to the S (X). It will then refresh and show the latest status.

r0yster.richardson | 3 september 2019

Same here in N. Virginia. The app still thinks I am at a charging station (the last time it was working). BUT on a good note, the car still recognizes the phone as a key to open, drive etc. Did not notice an app update though. Still unable to connect this AM.

r0yster.richardson | 3 september 2019

logged out & back in - fixed it

wsjarriel | 3 september 2019

We are back online, but I had to delete the Model 3 from both my phone (Android) and my wife's phone (iPhone X), then completely reconnect both phones (had to delete the Bluetooth connection, delete the references as keys for the car, then start over by reconnecting Bluetooth and then re-syncing as keys). Can't imagine what it would have been like to be traveling and not be able to get back in the car at a supercharger station....

PrescottRichard | 3 september 2019

ALWAYS have your car key. Using the phone is nice, but it isn’t 100% reliable. With my S I’ve parked in plenty of places - parking garages, rural AZ, where the App can not work because of cell coverage. That’s not even including Tesla’s servers going down.

jmanthony | 4 september 2019

Dead in the water. (The app, not our TESLA). Shows where it was parked on Monday morning. No ability to schedule service.