Tesla autopilot dangerous drunk weaving

Tesla autopilot dangerous drunk weaving

I updated my Tesla to 2019.32.1 on 9/1 and have noticed that the car weaves down the lane when on autopilot now. At surface road speeds this is not an issue, and I can't always notice. When I am on the interstate, though, I have noticed that sometimes the weaving intensifies progressively. It starts as just a minor shimmy but overcorrects more and more until I'm bouncing back and forth off the lane lines. Several times now the autopilot has turned itself off after running off onto the shoulder of the road. During a lane change it was also weaving and made me feel unsafe before disconnecting again. Has anyone else noticed issues since the new update?

EVRider | 9 september 2019

Are you sure Autosteer was actually turned on? I made that mistake once. Sounds like Autosteer was not on, and perhaps the lane departure system was bouncing from one lane marker to the other.

If you’re sure Autosteer was on, reboot, and if the problem persists, have your car serviced.

PrescottRichard | 9 september 2019

Also check to make sure all your sensors / cameras are clean. There was a post here or on facebook recently where someone had a nice size bird dropping strategically placed in front of his cameras which caused issues.

Frank99 | 9 september 2019

Drove 600 miles yesterday on AP/NAP on 2019.32.1, and nary a single unexpected wobble.
Next time it happens to you, hit the right button, say "Bug Report Autopilot weaving back and forth", then make a Service appointment. Pull the TeslaCam footage off your USB stick so you can show the tech what you were experiencing, tell him that you filed a bug report so maybe he can pull the logs, and hopefully they can fix it quickly.

rxlawdude | 9 september 2019

Without knowing whether this is AP1 or EAP, not enough information.

bardoner | 9 september 2019

Sorry, mine is AP 2.0. I rebooted, and it's still present. My cameras are clean, and autopilot is definitely engaged. It began after I got my car back from servicing a sonar sensor in the passenger falcon wing door. The car took a software update while in the shop, and when I called to report the abrupt change in AP driving behavior, the service technician said this is how the new version drives. | 9 september 2019

@bardoner - doesn't sound right. Just tested my EAP on the freeway, and worked exactly like before, no weaving. This is with 32.1. I don't think it's the update, but you could wait for the next update to see if it changes.

jimglas | 9 september 2019

mine worked perfectly this weekend
the only problem is i wanted to go to sleep

EVRider | 9 september 2019

How is it that service technicians can be this clueless?

rxlawdude | 9 september 2019

" It began after I got my car back from servicing."

Occam's Razor.

Techy James | 10 september 2019

I just completed a 1200 mile return road trip, and most of it was using Enhanced Autopilot, with latest firmware update 2019.32.1. I must say I didn't experience any such behavior. Which is good considering the front bumper and windshield was covered in what can't be explained any other way but a bug war zone. Will have to give it a complete wash and detail to remove all the bug residue from the car.

PrescottRichard | 10 september 2019

Butterfly collection.
Bug car bra.

bob | 28 januar 2020

Autopilot weaving.

I had this on my 50.7 model 3. I took it into service today and they rotated the tires, checked the alignment.
They said the alignment was a little off and fixed it.
They also did a camera alignment.

I drove it home and the weaving is gone.

TE51A | 29 januar 2020

I can't reply here

TE51A | 29 januar 2020

Hi I'm on HW2.5 with FSD software is 2019.40.50.7
The issue happens on wider lanes and or intersections when there is no car ahead of you.

It seems as if the car is trying to stick to one lane or the other and the decision matrix is not smoothing out the inconsistencies enough make my it make physical changes even more so aggressively than before.

TE51A | 29 januar 2020

when driving on a city street where a turn lane appears on left side only then Tesla previously tracking the edge of a pavement (over the lanes on the road) drives off to the left a little before the decision to rely on lanes takes place thus making the correction. Anytime the lanes and side walks don't match in pattern the decision to priorities the main vector varies more than it should.

Tesla needs to either fix the hand off to be smoother or they need to rely on geo-mapped data ahead of time. (I.e. anticipate lane formation changes before the car actually arrives relying on the road map)

If Tesla shows this consistently at a specific intersection you know, as you pass it Everytime it happens say on voice (report a bug). And a Tesla dude will look at it (worked for a highway issue I had so here's hoping lol) | 29 januar 2020

@TE51A - Generally the current AP is intended for limited access roads, such as freeways. I think we'll have to wait for FSD to get local roads to work smoothly.