Tesla Might Have Bad News for Bears and Rivals

Tesla Might Have Bad News for Bears and Rivals

According to Bloomberg, Tesla has applied for a permit that hints at a new assembly line at its Fremont facility.


beachlife | 10 september 2019

Perhaps the new pickup ?

Uncle Paul | 10 september 2019

New assembly line will be used to produce Model Y.

With so much of the Model Y parts being the same as in Model 3, there will be tremendous savings in production and logistics costs to make them both in the same factory.

Many of the motors, battery packs etc will be produced at the Gigafactory in Nevada. Very efficient use of space and will result in less expensive per vehicle costs.

Tesla expects the Y to cost not much more than the Y to produce, yet it will command a premium price. Profit margins can be increased, or they can reduce the prices of their cars to increase demand and volume.

All that volume will realize cost reductions for both 3 and Y.

Giga factory has the space to ramp up component production.

Truck will be revealed around the end of the year, but production will not begin until well after the Model Y ramps up.

Expect 3 and Y to become cash cows. Provide tons of capital for profits and future Tesla growth.

Uncle Paul | 10 september 2019

Ment Y to cost not much more than the 3 to produce.

NKYTA | 10 september 2019

Don’t take Uncle Paul at face value please.

beachlife | 10 september 2019

Seems like this is a pretty bullish trend. Personally can't wait to see the new pickup design.

TranzNDance | 11 september 2019

After reading the article, I want a cuddly Tesla Teddy bear. It could have optional short shorts.

jimglas | 11 september 2019

"optional shorts"
love it