Share the love thread: IF you’ve received your new Model X

Share the love thread: IF you’ve received your new Model X

I own a 2014 P85D with 110,000 miles. Midnight silver, grey turbines, black interior.

Also, I have a Model 3 (received March 1st, 2018) with 26,000 miles. White with black interior and upgraded 19’s, rear motor only and still 325 range, she’s amazing and gets almost mile for mile compared to the MS.

The move to use the same motors from the 3 in the MS & MX pushed me over the edge.

Ordered the Model X, LR, 7 seat, white on white, standard wheels and did not opt for FSD this time around - 8/30.

I’m excited to receive mine, DS said end of month most likely, Littleton, CO since I’m in the Rocky Mountains.

What I really want to know is who’s received their new MX and what their first experiences have been? New suspension, build quality, cabin noise, etc.

I don’t see many active threads related and would love to see some positive reviews, but come one come all. The good, bad and the ugly.

Many thanks!

Uncle Paul | 10 september 2019

Traded in my 201 X 75 for a new Raven.
Only thing I like better about the new one is...

Better build quality and panel gaps.
Better paint, White mist instead of white enamel.
Faster acceleration.
Over 100 miles more range.
Higher top speed.
Less wind noise.
Much smoother ride and better handling due to adaptive suspension.
Premium interior with alcantra headliner, interior lighting.
Cornering lights.
Improved sound system
10X faster V3 computer
Much quicker charging.
Upgraded interior decor.
Sharper backup camera.
Stronger AC system.
Standard HEPA filter system with Bio-Defense mode.

Amazing thing is that the list price is almost identical to what I paid for my early 2017
Great value.

freemarket | 11 september 2019

Thanks Uncle Paul, that’s great to hear. I hope others will share too. I really needed to hear some good news. Many are stressed on delivery dates, but it sounds like it’ll be worth the wait. Tesla certainly is going through growing pains, but I agree, the product at the current price point is an incredible value! Can’t wait to get mine.

3onTheTree | 11 september 2019

I ordered LR pearl white 7 seater no FSD on 8/28, take delivery tomorrow. I'll let you know.

Mike | 12 september 2019

Tesla is certainly in charge of their own destiny. I have made a few dollars by investing in companies that have best in class product, hypergrowth industry and have arrogant competitors.
I hope Tesla learns the one key feature of success, if you take care of your customers, they will take care of you. If you dont take care of your customers, they will take care of you. They really dont need to take on the role of being the arrogant competitor...

alanvw | 13 september 2019

Waiting on delivery (next week?) for 6-seat LR - really looking forward to greater range, faster charging, better suspension and no motor whine (when letting off the accelerator around 50MPH).
Will be trading in 2016 X 75D

bidurkhatri | 13 september 2019

I got my Tesla Model X long range on August 3, 2019. Since it is doing great. I was lucky to get the unlimited free super charging that has started on the same day.

freemarket | 14 september 2019

I got used to the whine in the S P85D, but am looking forward to less noise from the front. I got a text today saying 2 weeks. Ordered on 8/30. Getting close!

Free supercharging is great, but I should have ordered when they were doing the performance upgrade. I think in the end I’m glad actually, because I really do want the extra range. New Mexico is a big state and the same 325! range on our 3 plus the speed of charge has been amazing.

tronictonez | 16 september 2019

Picking up mine tomorrow in Marina Del Ray. Long Range, Midnight Silver Metallic, White Interior, 22" Onyx Black Wheels. Moved up one day from the 28th. Huge improvement from a lifted 2017 Wrangler Rubicon. Anxious...

jppoetsol | 16 september 2019

@freemarket I also live in New Mexico. I ordered on August 6th. Mine is scheduled to finally make it to Littleton Co late Wednesday. I would not be surprised if both our vehicles are on the same truck, but Littleton is expecting over 100 cars over the next couple of weeks. They say it can take a week or two to get it from there to Albuquerque.

I have never received a text. I have to request information to get any news from the Littleton staff.

@freemarket are you a member of the New Mexico Owners club?

freemarket | 16 september 2019

@jppoetsol I am in Placitas :-)
I do get emails from the Tesla Owners club of NM, but haven’t been active at all since 2015.

I’ve got a flight up to Denver 9/30 assuming I can go and get the car so I don’t have to wait on transport. I haven’t spoken to the DS about it, but figured I’d check in end of week to get on their radar.

freemarket | 16 september 2019

@tronictonez - my midnight silver 2014 S still looks amazing. Tough choice for me to go white on our MX, but I’m sticking to it. Will look forward to hearing more after you pick it up. The white seats look especially brilliant with the midnight silver too!

Bighorn | 17 september 2019

Helpful thread for those of us considering adding an X. Most of the Raven talk has been directed at the S, so I'm curious about impressions. Great list, Uncle Paul.

alanvw | 17 september 2019

We took delivery of our new X Long Range last night (midnight silver 6 seat). The 45 minute drive home really showed some very nice improvements in ride quality and noise level. Some of the roads are very rough but the raven was so much better at smoothing the ride compared to the 2016 X 75D we traded in. I really did not expect such a noticeable overall improvement - also very nice to continue to have unlimited supercharging as we did back in 2016 with the first X. It was also great to see the Tesla store swamped with people taking delivery...The best part was seeing someone trading in a new Jag I-Pace for a Model 3.

TDUB | 17 september 2019

@ Uncle Paul, @ alanvw, could you please share your trade-in value of your 2016, 2017 75D here or privately at I am on the edge of doing the same thing.
Also thank you all, especially Uncle Paul for your sharing on new features of the model X.

shinytop | 17 september 2019

I have had my midnight silver 6 seater since Thursday. Read many posts here and in other forums about poor QC and condition of new delivery vehicles. Mine arrived in perfect shape and no sqeaks, no rattles, no panel alignment issues. Cannot compare it to pre-Raven models but I love it so far.