It has been over a year of ownership, and now I no longer receive FMradio. Anybody else?

chtrevor | 15 september 2019

I'm just under a year and FM is still working, but today my Slacker Radio stopped.

circleo12 | 15 september 2019

Yep, as of today, Slacker Radio stopped working, and attempting to use the Tesla Account gets 'Invalid Login' message.


Jodi3734 | 15 september 2019

I wonder if these means the days of free radio have finally stopped. I believe you were only supposed to get it for 1 year with Premium Connectivity.

Did you check your “Manage” page to see if there is an option to purchase the subscription?

birchofengland | 15 september 2019

No Slacker here either. Worked on one leg of my trip, didn't work on the way back! :-(

Lonestar10_1999 | 15 september 2019

@OP- your FM radio should work regardless of Premium Connectivity. The FM radio is standard on all M3 configurations. If your FM radio is malfunctioning, make an SC appointment to get it fixed.

rockeim | 16 september 2019

Same problem here with Slacker/Streaming suddenly failing this weekend. Our Model 3 is just under 1 year old. No prior issues. Everything else works perfectly (including FM, TuneIn, and Bluetooth/Phone). Reboot car system no impact. No issues in app or on the online Tesla account (and no options for connectivity). Very frustrating - we have sent a support request in but still waiting.

If I bring the media system almost full screen and try it fails out with a Slacker login window and and "Account Invalid" message. Clicking on the "Log in With Tesla Account" button starts a login and Account Invalid message again.

Quinten | 16 september 2019

My Slacker too failed today. What the hell is going on? I knew Tesla wanted to switch to Spotify but are they doing it now?

Quinten | 16 september 2019

My HD FM stations are fine. It is just the Slacker's Tesla account was invalid.

gwolnik | 16 september 2019

There have been reports for a few weeks now about FM suddenly not working, but usually fixed by rebooting the screen. That happened to me once so far, the station would not load, a symbol kept circling. Rebooting fixed it for me that time.

Manjushr | 16 september 2019

Slacker not working here either... reboot no help. Stopped Sep 15

gballant4570 | 16 september 2019

As my one year anniversary approaches, I used the radio for the first time yesterday. It worked fine. I've never tried Slacker, so cannot say.....

Gpuszkin | 16 september 2019

There is another thread on this topic going on in parallel but nobody has additional insights other than to confirm that a lot of people are unable to stream Slacker. Its happening to a lot of people and interestingly, several people have reported that it is happening just as the car is coming up on the 1 year anniversary (that is the case for me as well)

I could have sworn that I was told that the Premium option came with premium connectivity which includes the streaming Slacker when I bought the car. I dont remember anybody ever telling me it was limited to one year. Is this Tesla's new policy or was this 1 year for free business something they have had since they started selling the car?

dmastro | 16 september 2019

I started experiencing FM HD radio issues last week. The "primary" station is playing ok, but the "secondary" doesn't play and the loading circular arrow just keeps spinning.

Slacker seems ok so far.

Late September 2018 purchase, one year premium.

rockeim | 16 september 2019

Potential good news: Thanks to a person on another forum (who's Model 3 has also been without Slacker since Saturday) - it just came back for them in the past hour. We just checked our car and magically it is working again after being out all weekend. Worth a try for those suffering with the outage.

dmastro | 16 september 2019

Hopefully whatever it is has been resolved.

Question - this thread has discussed radio and Slacker. As I think about it, I've been having Tune-In issues for a couple weeks as well... anyone else? Maybe it's all part of the same issue.

ManuRandhawa | 16 september 2019

I have owned M3 LR for less than 11 months and my FM radio is not working for past 2 weeks now.. I also got a new front windshield installed, at this pint i am not sure if something got messed up during that windshield replacement job or a software/hardware issue.

Also last night my windshield wipers started without any rain :) Those are manually turned off for now.

zafarula | 16 september 2019

No basic FM radio. It had done that previously where it would stop working then a little later (1 sometime 2 days or shorter). This time its different it has been over a week and that circle keeps turning trying to connect I assume.

I will try resetting the screen (as per advice from someone here).

I tried it just now and it works.