Water dripping from under front of car

Water dripping from under front of car

I am assuming that it is from the AC unit but want to be sure. I noticed it for the first time today when I parked the car on a left/right slope and saw a long trail of liquid coming from under the car. I touched it and it is definitely not viscous like oil, more like water, and clear. I looked under the car and saw a slow drip from just behind the front wheels in the middle of the car (left-right). Does anyone know if this is normal or should I have it checked out at service?

walnotr | 16 september 2019


sheldon.mike1010 | 16 september 2019

Is Normal. The water is condensation from the A/C. The people who don't get this drip envy you.

legna_fo_htaed | 16 september 2019

So we aren't doing RTFM anymore?

Bighorn | 16 september 2019

It gets worse with battery cooling at superchargers.

roberto | 16 september 2019

thanks everyone.

gmr6415 | 16 september 2019

I agree with everyone here, but you may want to taste it. If it tastes sweet it's ethylene glycol, AKA, anti-freeze.

That is as assuming they are using a glycol based coolant. Ethylene glycol is toxic and cause liver damage, but the slightest taste won't do any harm. It will also feel slick between your fingers, not oil slick, but still slick.

rxlawdude | 16 september 2019

If only I had drainage of the condensate ever showing up, I'd be happy. :-(

ozonelives | 16 september 2019

Thanks for this post. I noticed a small puddle on the floor of our garage after pulling the car out just yesterday. Glad to hear it is nothing to be concerned about.

M3phan | 16 september 2019

No worries. Sometimes it can be a big puddle of your AC really had to go.

Teslanene | 16 september 2019

Here is a picture I posted on another thread.