Slacker out?

Slacker out?

Anyone else find themselves "logged out" of Slacker this week? (sep 15). Will not accept "log in with Tesla account" option...

gmr6415 | 16 september 2019

What model did you buy? Did you pay for premium connectivity? Did you get a free year of premium connectivity?

lbowroom | 16 september 2019

I guess that is the first question. Do you own an SR or SR+?

bickity | 16 september 2019

Mine has been out since Saturday, coincidentally my M3 one year anniversary. Strange that Tesla hasn't addressed the new connectivity subscription model (

bickity | 16 september 2019

Now that I say that, I am still getting live traffic updates so maybe it is just Slacker. Not really missing it and maybe this is a sign the Spotify is coming ;)

Bighorn | 16 september 2019

I speculated in the other thread that TSLA may have signed up with Slacker for the one year commitment and Slacker inactivated accounts based on that, without Tesla being in the loop.

bjrosen | 16 september 2019

Has anyone bothered to contact Tesla support about this? They've clearly reached some sort of one year anniversary on something and they haven't handled the transition properly. A call to support should get you some answers.