Pedestrian alert noise

Pedestrian alert noise

Just heard the new pedestrian alert noise while at the service center getting a roof glass replacement (rock damage on 95). I am a little ambivalent: here in Baltimore we do have many distracted walkers and while I like the concept of giving an audible warning, I really, really am holding out hope for the ability to "hack" the sound for any future car I may buy. It is a slightly more "whooshy" sound than that made by the Prius, if you have ever heard.

jimglas | 17 september 2019

I want the jetson sound

rabrassington | 17 september 2019

I would settle for the main theme from 'Jaws'. As you silently move off 'Da-doomp da-doomp'.

Just_Ted | 17 september 2019

+1 rabrassington... either that or the "Baby Shark" song! (do do do dooo do dooo do do)

calvin940 | 17 september 2019

please.. no.. please.. god no...

rdh37 | 17 september 2019

My vote is for Darth Vader's theme. If it is a licensing issue, then perhaps the sound track from the game "Asteroids"? We know Tesla has a licensing deal for Asteroids as it is in the arcade.

M3phan | 17 september 2019

Forward sound: Low electronic thrumming, sort of a lower pitched version of the current reverse sound.

teslu3 | 17 september 2019

Government mandated noise pollution. So much for "small government" and "deregulation".
It's discrimination against EV's even though many ICE cars are quieter than the mandated EV noise.
Unless I can disable this irritating, distressing noise I'll be looking for an older EV without this required nuisance.

TabascoGuy | 17 september 2019

I'm sure unplugging the speaker would be fairly easy. If you don't want to "disable" anything, you could always have the front end wrapped and ask the installer to "forget" putting holes in the wrap where the speaker holes are. A twenty spot should cover that.

Otherwise, there is always duct tape, a couple of those HOV stickers, or, one of those "If you can read this..." bumper stickers.

dmastro | 17 september 2019

@TobascoGuy: Without reading the text of the law, I'm certain that any deliberate (or "accidental") efforts to disable or mute the warning are not allowed, and as has been mentioned before would open a driver up to liability.

And if I were a wrap installer, I wouldn't want to take on that liability for a 20 spot.

TabascoGuy | 17 september 2019

@dmastro, you are absolutely correct. Although my response to teslu3 was more tongue in cheek, I wouldn't actually suggest to anyone that they break the law.

I myself would still probably disable the speaker in my car if I found it overly annoying inside the car. That or turn up the radio.

Either way, I haven't hit a pedestrian in 45 years of driving. I don't plan on starting now just because my car is silent or makes some mandated noise.

M3phan | 17 september 2019

Admit it everyone, we’re hitting people left and right in parking lots, happens all the time, boom bash bang, we’re just living in denial, big brother is always right.

lbowroom | 17 september 2019

" if I found it overly annoying inside the car"

These noise makers already exist on other cars. They are hardly noticeable and not noticeable at all inside with the windows up. People imaginations are running wild.

Devilstower | 17 september 2019

Many times, as I have come up behind people blithely walking down the center of a row at a parking lot, I have wished for some kind of noise. Rattlesnake seems about right.

M3phan | 17 september 2019


RADEAN84 | 17 september 2019

In case some of you didn't catch the other thread, this is what it sounds like in forward and reverse. Headphones help.