Plaid Model 3

Plaid Model 3

...I know, I know.
But a man can dream.

Kary993 | 17 september 2019

It’s called the Roadster ;)

bjrosen | 17 september 2019

Aside from the 3 motors what else is going on in the Plaid versions that might make it into the Model 3. Obviously the Model 3 isn't going to get three motors, doesn't need them, but are they also using the Maxwell batteries or the Maxwell super caps? The thing that I'm looking for in a future Model 3 is another hundred miles of range. I have zero interest in higher performance, I'm driving this one in Chill, but if they increased the range by a hundred miles I'd be willing to do a trade in.

Better batteries at some point are a given but when. The Plaid S might be the first place they put the Maxwell battery tech. It makes sense to roll them out in a low volume product first and then ramp up to the Model 3 and Model Y. Supercaps could be an indirect way to boost range because it could allow them to optimize the batteries strictly for energy density and then use supercaps to deliver the burst of current that you need for acceleration. Supercaps would also be good for regenerative braking, caps are more efficient then batteries so you would recapture more of the energy, also by dumping the regen current into caps instead of the battery you would be charging the battery less resulting in longer battery life.

rajan900 | 17 september 2019

Still waiting for ludicrous model in the model 3....

inconel | 17 september 2019

Plaid going to S first, then ramp up to X and Roadster. No plans to 3 and Y at the moment, but things can change, like originally Plaid was only for Roadster.

Maxxer | 17 september 2019

In 3 years

mrburke | 17 september 2019

Plaid interior. Now that would make a statement.

JAD | 17 september 2019

I am afraid Porsche beats Tesla here, the were first with plaid, sort of...

NKYTA | 17 september 2019

JAD, is that really “beating”?

My eyes are bleeding. ;-)

Shesmyne2 | 17 september 2019

Not even sort of plaid!

Still Grinning ;-)