Model X keys. Brutal...

Model X keys. Brutal...

Ok so i managed to loose my key... shame on me but there is a 3 week wait for replacement keys and my car is in a garage and out of data range.

How can keys be 3 weeks out? I cant be the only sloppy dude to misplace a key.

Anyone have a magic source of model x keys i can buy one from?

Passion2Fly | 24 september 2019

No WiFi in your garage?

Passion2Fly | 24 september 2019

Where is your spare key?

Davila1024 | 24 september 2019

try doing a search on offer up and or Criags List. I just saw some this moring for sale

Passion2Fly | 24 september 2019

They need to be programmed by Tesla. You can’t use them out of the box.

artc1688 | 25 september 2019

it is a pain but you are able to use your phone app to drive the car without the remote
i didn't realize that can be done until my 15yr old son showed me... very cool feature!
may not be convenient as the fob but now you don't have to wait :-)

sunsinstudios | 25 september 2019

Is using a hotspot from your phone not an option for the x?

so.ctt.132 | 27 september 2019

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