Account incorrectly states "Pay Per Use Supercharging"

Account incorrectly states "Pay Per Use Supercharging"

I purchased a used 2015 model S that came with free supercharging. I finally had the car added to my account (took way longer than it should have) and the car states "Pay Per Use Supercharging".

I assume this is just a glitch on Tesla's side and they will correct it, but I'm wondering if there is any way to expedite the process. Having the car added to my account took a LONG time, I don't want to wait another month for free supercharging.

Daisy the Road ... | 27 september 2019

Was thus car a lease return? If so, it belonged to Tesla and they removed free supercharging before selling it to the dealer who sold it to you.

Luterek | 27 september 2019

I was told by the dealer that it was not. It was sold with supercharging and reaching out to them, they said I need to contact Tesla. Is there a way to independently verify this?

Ddowns2050 | 27 september 2019

I’m having the same problem with an new inventory model X. I actually have free supercharging miles from referrals and it is using those right now. I called the service center and they have contacted support and they are supposedly working on it but it has been over a month so far.

avesraggiana | 27 september 2019

I'm still waiting for an email response from Tesla, from two emails I sent them regarding their charging my credit card 9 minutes of IDLE TIME, when in reality their 72kWh supercharger had just decided to stop charging for several minutes, even though it had only reached 36% out of 90%.

Who are all these people supposedly "working on it," and where the Hell are they?

avesraggiana | 27 september 2019

This was eleven (11) days ago.

Bighorn | 27 september 2019

My 3 has been wrong for over a year. Free the entire time.

Ddowns2050 | 27 september 2019

@Bighorn that is good to know. The service center tells me they see the code for free supercharging on my car. When I supercharge it shows a dollar amount on my screen and then zero's out when I'm done charging. But it shows in my history on MY TESLA page and reduces the amount of free miles I have left from referrals. So hopefully I won't be charged when the referral miles run out. But it looks suspicious. The service center escalated it to someone above them and they tell me it shows that it is under review. Been over a month and no movement.

mg.weinberg | 28 september 2019

I took delivery of my model S 8/16/2019 and although my purchase agreement clearly stated free unlimited supercharging my online account showed pay per use. It took 2-3 weeks of multiple emails and online chat to have my account accurately reflect the free unlimited supercharging.

Luterek | 8 oktober 2019

Wow, I am still waiting for any type of response, even a confirmation that they received my message. I love this car, but the customer service needs work.

EVRider | 8 oktober 2019

@Luterek: I’ve had the best result contacting Tesla using the Request Help link on my Model S vehicle page. I also tried reporting a supercharging billing issue using the support e-mail link on the supercharging history page on my account, but I got no response there. My issue is that I’m supposed to have an annual 400kWh supercharging credit, but I’m getting billed for all supercharging. I received a response from the Request Help contact and they acknowledged the issue, though it hasn’t been fixed yet.

aponok | 10 oktober 2019

I am in a similar situation. I bought a 2018 model year S (still considered new since it was never titled) less than two weeks ago. It was documented as having free unlimited supercharging. The car's web page still shows Pay Per Use Supercharging under the Supercharging Status. I have sent an email to on Oct 2nd and never received a response. I mentioned this in the survey that was sent out after the purchase. I even sent an email to after receiving a bill for using the supercharger on Tuesday. That email received an automated reply, but never a follow up from a human. Yesterday, I texted my sales associate who knew that one of the big selling points for me was that feature. She is working the issue. Hopefully having her advocate for me will resolve this. Fingers crossed.

Ddowns2050 | 10 oktober 2019

I bought an inventory X in June that was to have free supercharging and they are still working on it at my service center. I emailed this week and they are supposedly escalating it to someone higher than they have been talking to.

I also tried the chat room on the support page and the person there said there are many layers and he would update me weekly. I'm like you've got to be kidding me. Weekly??? Hopefully my service center will get it resolved before long. I don't know why they can't get to the right person and just get it fixed. It can't be that hard.

Ddowns2050 | 11 oktober 2019

My free supercharging got fixed today from pay per use.

Luterek | 17 oktober 2019

I finally received a response that boiled down to, we changed the rules and you don't get it as your not the first owner. I asked for policies explaining the new rules and was pointed to this page -

I pointed out that the only relevant section only pertains to 2017 and newer

"All vehicles ordered after January 15, 2017, and vehicles ordered by January 15, 2017 but built after April 15, 2017, are enabled for Supercharging on a pay per use basis. Any credits for free Supercharging that are given with the purchase of a vehicle, including any annual renewal of credits, expire upon the sale or transfer of the vehicle and are not transferable to any subsequent vehicle owner, or to any other vehicle. Credits for Supercharging expire after a set period of time and do not rollover into future periods."

I was told there is nothing published explaining the situation.

So it seems the Tesla decided to change their policies but failed to inform the public. This makes it impossible for people to make informed decisions and impossible for sellers to properly advertise their cars as they won't know what can be turned off for no reason.

I feel like this behavior should be against the law. Does anyone have a good lawyer that can help? Is anyone in the same boat and willing to cooperate with a class-action lawsuit?

I've dreamed of owning a Tesla since the Roadster and now that I could finally afford one it feels like Tesla is screwing me over. I may not be wealthy enough to buy a brand new car, but that doesn't mean I should be treated like dirt and completely screwed over. It's definitely soured me on the entire company and experience.

Luterek | 17 oktober 2019

My last communication to support was asking if they ever plan to publish the full set of rules and restrictions. I will keep everyone updated with the response.

aponok | 18 oktober 2019

Here is an update from my Oct 10 posting. The sales associate agrees that the car should have free unlimited supercharging. She elevated the issue to her regional manager. The case was passed to the supercharger team on the 15th. At this point I'm still hopeful the FUSC gets added via a software correction. It would be crushing if I had to deal with Luterek's issue of being told I wasn't qualified to receive it. It is surprising the issued occurred at all and that it is taking weeks to resolve.

neezer | 18 oktober 2019

Nothing to worry about. My 3 has said this since day 1, when I got 5000 miles free. Also, I removed my credit card, so I have no payment method. I then called support and the rep said "without a pay method, the supercharger won't let you start". Not true, I have done that repeatedly. Now, my 6 months is about to be up in Nov, and I expect that it'll THEN truly say I can't charge without entering in a payment method.

Also, in my car it shows the tally of the cost as I'm supercharging, but of course I am not ultimately charged anything.

Luterek | 5 november 2019

It's now November and while sales continues to call me from back when I was shopping around, I can't get a straight answer on the charging policies.

What I've learned:

- NOTHING is published!
- They may or may not transfer free supercharging!
- You have no way to know unless you buy the car and take a chance.
- If someone advertises free supercharging and it doesn't transfer you have NO case against them since nothing is published and there seems to be no rules.

I was in love with Tesla, but now that I own one I completely understand the hate. How are we supposed to make informed decisions when nothing is published or released? Everyone online states that my 2015 S should have free supercharging, but it doesn't and they don't want to change it. I just keep getting linked back to the same legal document pointing at 2017 and later.