How can I tell if I have 1 charger or 2 ?

How can I tell if I have 1 charger or 2 ?

Have a 2014 P85 seems to be charging much slower than my last P85,maybe single charger ?

akikiki | 28 september 2019

Check the 7th character of your VIN. C= Single Charger. D=Dual Charger, if the second charger was a factory install.

murphyS90D | 28 september 2019

Go to the charging screen and increase the current number. With one charger it will stop at 40. With two chargers it will stop at 80.

If you are talking about supercharging, it has been reported that the max charge rate for 85 batteries has been reduced.

kerryglittle | 28 september 2019

@akikiki the second character on my VIN number is an H. No C or D any where on it. But was told it has dual chargers.

Wnorris904 | 28 september 2019

Thank you all !!

Wnorris904 | 28 september 2019

Well the 7th character is an H ?

EVRider | 28 september 2019

@Wnorris904: Were you talking about home charging or supercharging? Dual chargers makes no difference for supercharging. Your vehicle details on My Tesla might show if you have dual chargers.

PrescottRichard | 28 september 2019

My understanding is that in order to take advantage of dual charging you need a 100amp circuit. As was mentioned before, superchargers don’t use the onboard charger/s. That sounds weird but they are DC.

raffidesigns | 28 september 2019

Duel charge retrofit are available to all the Tesla’s built pre-facelift 2016. If your Model S has the nose, then you have the option for duel charge. If you didn’t purchase duel charge, you have to, but can have the second retrofited.

JPPTM | 30 september 2019

You need to find a Tesla HPWC (now known as a Wall Connector) that is connected to a 100A circuit (this will derate to 80A when running). Plug in your Tesla, see what the Charging screen says, and try to ramp up the current to 80A. if you can get 80A, you have dual chargers. If not, then you have a single 40A charger.

akikiki | 30 september 2019

kerry, Wnorris, my source was Nick Howe's book that he wrote published in 2014.
Worked on my two '13 S's

xpower | 2 oktober 2019

I have 2 (Dual) chargers, everyone has the right one, and if you have dual you also have the left one.
Interestingly my second charger isn’t “activated” so I can still only charge at 11kw not 2kw.
Tesla want £2,500 to activate it