Smart Summon - observations and question

Smart Summon - observations and question

Downloaded smart summons a few days ago, and have noticed a few things and also have a question. I tested it at three separate parking lots for about 1 1/2 hours and though not perfect, it works quite well. There was a close call as the car was making a three point turn where had a not stopped the process, it look like it was going to hit a tow hitch on the back of a pick up truck. Chrome bumper with chrome hitch that stuck out, the car was going to clip it.

So concern is with summon out in the wild if these fender benders increase what will insurance premiums begin to do?

Also, anyone know if auto wipers are not turned on will smart summon still use wipers if it’s raining? I think the ‘beta’ auto wipers are way to sensitive so I don’t use them.


EVRider | 30 september 2019

If you’re not using the auto wiper feature, you probably keep the wipers off when it’s not raining. In that case how would Summon turn them on?

Bill_75D | 30 september 2019

The same way it turns on the turn signals?

Anthony J. Parisio | 30 september 2019

As for the insurance question, my guess is since you were operating the car from the remote evening always be your responsibility. Remember Tesla is not operating the car you are.

EVRider | 1 oktober 2019

@Bill_75D: I don’t think the Model S ever operates the wipers continuously when the wiper control is in the off position. I don’t think it should either. The ability to operate turn signals independently of the stalk is necessary for Autopilot.

Bill_75D | 1 oktober 2019

...and so are the wipers...

ALSET | 1 oktober 2019

So essentially unless my Autowipers (beta) is set to on and my wiper stalk is turned to the auto setting...I can't summon the car in the rain or the camera won't be able to "see" out of the windshield correct?

PrescottRichard | 1 oktober 2019

Must be something like that, because there’s already a video of a 3 coming over to a family in a downpour. Keep in mind, I leave mine on auto all the time in my S. They only come on when it rains. Occasionally when I start the car up, just to keep me on my toes or something.

Shesmyne2 | 1 oktober 2019

There was stuff on the interwebs today about Smart Summon screwing up parking lots across America..
Please people, don’t be stupid. It makes us all look bad.
Don’t ‘test’ your summon in a Costco/Walmart/Target parking lot on a Saturday afternoon.
‘SMART Summon’

Still Grinning ;-)

sentabo | 1 oktober 2019

Well said, Shesmyne2. I don't understand why anyone would use Summon in a crowded parking lot, unless they're trying to show off. In reality all they're showing off is their ignorance.

Haggy | 2 oktober 2019

I can think of why I'd use Summon in a crowded Costco parking lot on a Saturday. It's because I can stand in the aisle behind it, watch the car come out, and get in it right away, rather than starting to back out while some pedestrian ignores my moving car, or some driver sees me and ignores me, with both the pedestrian and the other driver claiming that they had the right to do so because they had the right of way. There are enough idiots out there that standing in the lot behind the car might be the safest way to back the car out.

TranzNDance | 2 oktober 2019

I use regular Summon for the same reason. I have terrible visibility leaving my tandem garage and carport.

inconel | 2 oktober 2019

If you want to test smart summon in a crowded parking lot sit in the driver seat and use smart summon to a spot on the map, and watch while it's moving like a hawk.

Shesmyne2 | 2 oktober 2019

You are right there using it as it should be-monitored!
These videos had people standing in front of the stores with the cars 50yards +/- away forcing the car
to abort a number of times because of the many movements in the parking lot.
One dummy got hit by another car backing out as the 3 was coming to him.

Still Grinning ;-)

Tropopause | 2 oktober 2019

I tried Smart Summon today on my Model S. Worked great.

akikiki | 2 oktober 2019

Since Sunday, I have had several issues with Smart Summon. Messages were "not ready", 'make sure doors are closed and car is not charging, and the best "an issues was encountered when reading camera data".

This afternoon received notice for software update. Installed. This is 32.11.1. Can't test car but access to Smart Summon is already better. When I press Smart Summon, it opens and shows "Press and Hold".

Only thing missing is, I still don't get the Come To Me choice.

sentabo | 2 oktober 2019

Haggy, I hadn't thought of that. Good point.

Mi75d | 2 oktober 2019

Tesla needs to stop fooling around with its model of using millions of short video clips to train its AI, and just give owners a suggestion tool. Show a map of the lot, and then let the owner trace a good route for the car. Same thing for Smart Parking.

Anthony J. Parisio | 3 oktober 2019

Wow you are so right. I never thought of using summon in that way. I seems safer than pulling the car out yourself. Thanks for the tip!

dougk71 | 3 oktober 2019

Many are concerned that the new summon feature has gone out to owners that will not use it wisely. It should have been restricted for a year or two to very few owners. Tesla needs to recall this feature ASAP. It will be found unsafe and auto pilot along with it . The critics will say if Tesla's automation is found unsafe in parking lots at pedestrian speeds then it is definitely unsafe for highway speeds. Most will not differentiate between autonomous driving in parking lots to autonomous driving on highways.
Releasing advanced summon to so many careless owners is a strategic error for Tesla.

BlueD | 3 oktober 2019

I used Smart Summon today. Have 32.11.1. Car was in double sided parking space with no car in front. I was at building entrance 30 feet away. Car went thru vacant space and turned left if front but about 5 feet way. As I watched and had it pressed. Car moved ahead about 20 yards parallel to building and started to turn right around building like it was going to go around and come back closer to me. Problem is the exit heads to a busy highway and there is no other entry! I stopped it and walked to it!! Too smart for me?

kerryglittle | 4 oktober 2019

Not available in Canada. Again. :-(

EVRider | 4 oktober 2019

@dougk71: Smart Summon has nothing do to with using AP when there’s someone driving. Tesla might be forced to limit Smart Summon because of people abusing it, but AP is not in jeopardy.

dougk71 | 4 oktober 2019

@EVRider...I understand the difference but unlike you perhaps; I expect the general public will not. If the public and the regulators find Tesla unsafe in parking lots I wish you well if you believe they will see it safe on the highways either before or after FSD is done. I believe this is a major strategic error and the careless owners that treat cars as toys will ruin FSD for everyone starting with their abuse of summon. The public will see driverless summon in parking lots as a prediction as to what driverless road driving will be. They could ask for a universal ban especially if the EU leads the way. ICE manufacturers and big oil must be ecstatic over summon since it is very likely to bring enough of a pause for them to bring their own FSD to market.
This is the least sensible thing I have seen Tesla do...advanced summon needs a quick recall.

rsrivast | 4 oktober 2019

@dougk71 - Tesla is gathering neural net training data from it's fleet so smart summon can learn and improvise. Same goes for FSD. More people use it the better it gets - this is the only way. This was a big problem with Waymo because they had a limited fleet of cars vs Tesla with > .5 million cars operating worldwide.

EVRider | 4 oktober 2019

@dougk71: People have been using AP for 5 years, and it has been proven to be safer than human drivers, so the NHTSA isn’t going to ban AP. Stop worrying so much.

EVRider | 4 oktober 2019

Sorry, I meant to say 4 years (since October 2015).

bhanuk99 | 4 oktober 2019

Just read on TMC about a Model 3 got pulled over by a cop for not stopping at a Stop sign. In this case the driver did not get a ticket.

bhanuk99 | 4 oktober 2019

* TMC forum

steveg1701 | 4 oktober 2019

@bhanuk99 that incident was apparently staged by several accounts

bhanuk99 | 4 oktober 2019

@steveg1701 never knew that part. Thanks for alerting.