P100D Winter tires - need help with a solution for those staggered rims!

P100D Winter tires - need help with a solution for those staggered rims!

I have a pretty new Model S P100D and I'm struggling with a winter tire solution for Colorado. I have the staggered set of 21" factory wheels (245's up front and 265's in the rear). There is no such thing as a 265 winter tire, from what I can tell.

I've been calling Tesla in Denver for almost 2 weeks (never any answer) and have left 2 unreturned voicemails, so now turning here for some help. Pretty crazy you cannot reach a single person at the Denver service center with so many efforts. I see that Tesla makes a 19" winter tire package, but I'll lose those beautiful black wheels since the 19's only come in chrome.

Any thoughts on my best winter tire/wheel options for a P100D?

GHammer | 30 september 2019 | 30 september 2019

Why not buy the grey Tesla slipstream wheel and winter tire package from the Tesla shop ($4000)?
"Outfit your Model S with new 19" Slipstream Tesla wheels and Pirelli winter-rated tires for the icy months ahead. The aerodynamic wheel design provides 2-3% range improvement based on simulated driving conditions"

Bighorn | 30 september 2019

Lots of dark (gunmetal) 19” Rial Luganos from TireRack out there

ColoradoTesla | 2 oktober 2019

Thanks for the suggestions guys.

If I get 19's all around, won't it require a service visit each time I put them on/take them off to readjust the car settings so it knows I'm rolling around in much smaller, and not staggered, tires?

Bighorn | 2 oktober 2019

Total Diameter is the same and you can program the rim size on the main screen both for TPMS, efficiency and the cartoon car.

nwfan | 2 oktober 2019

I've have the 19" Rial wheels that BH mentioned. My 21" wheels go in storage for the winter.
Tesla made the transition to the 19" wheels easy with wheel configuration.

Will need to drive a few miles for the TPMS to kick in.

PeteB Lake Oswego | 3 oktober 2019

I also had gotten the 19" wheels and winter tires (plus traction spiders) and change out the 21s and store in garage