Playing Media from Phone

Playing Media from Phone

Even though my phone is paired with my 2016 Model S, both Bluetooth and Media, when I go to stream a song from my phone, Tesla responds “Device Not Found”. I know phone is paired with the Tesla, cause I’m able to make and receive phone calls.

Anyone else seen this?

garyjtate | 2 oktober 2019

Maybe paired but not connected?

BeamMe | 2 oktober 2019

No it IS connected. I can make and receive calls. I just can’t play any MP3 files from my phone.

EVRider | 3 oktober 2019

Check the Bluetooth settings and make sure both Phone and Media are selected for your phone. You can connect one without the other.

Charsiubao | 3 oktober 2019

You may need to bring up or start the music app, depending on what phone or music app you use, in order for the car to see and play it