Used 2017 90D - is autopilot standardized with version 10?

Used 2017 90D - is autopilot standardized with version 10?

Sorry if this is a dumb question. Have a friend who is interested in buying a used Model S. Has his eye on a 2017 90D. I have a Model 3 and am trying to help but got confused by the listings for Autopilot vs Enhanced Autopilot - are these still different for the 2017 Model S or did software V10 make autopilot one thing?

Also, can the 2017 Model S be upgraded to Hardware V3?

Any other thoughts you can offer about the 2017 90D would be greatly appreciated. | 3 oktober 2019

Ok, a Model S in 2017 may have no AP, EAP or FSD. You'll need to identify which. V10 will not change any of that. You can buy FSD (different prices if you have no AP or EAP). If you buy FSD, you get a new AP processor that is part of HW3, likely in Q1 or Q2 2020. There are other small differences that you will not get with that upgrade compared with a new car today. Also, HW2.5 came out in Aug-2017, which allows dashcam and a few other changes.

Yep, it's complicated. Here's an article I wrote about all the differences and timelines that may help:

eyaloren | 4 oktober 2019

Thank you. Very helpful!