Supercharger Functionality

Supercharger Functionality

I would like to gather data - not conversation.

Please report any instance of a supercharger that is not working correctly - completely broken (detached cable - out of order signage - etc) OR
any supercharger that will not provide at least 60kWh.

Name of supercharger and if possible station ID

There is another similar thread for those who would like to discuss this - all I want is hard data.



EVRider | 10 oktober 2019

If you’re going to ask us for data, you should tell us what you plan to do with it.

marcustcohn | 10 oktober 2019

What I am trying to accomplish is a better understanding of this issue - I had a couple of bad experiences about a year ago which were of concern - and then I found the thread similar to this with some posts so I hope to learn for all of us if this is something that we should accept as very scattered temporary issues or if it is a lack of attention and priority and needs some support from owners to get it addressed. If it is the latter then the data and a letter to Elon might help but without data we are blind and powerless.

GHammer | 10 oktober 2019

Bend OR all stalls only 12kW this morning.

marcustcohn | 10 oktober 2019

@ghammer - thanks for the report.

Haggy | 10 oktober 2019

I'd also like to know, specifically to know if any in PG&E areas were affected by outages.

NKYTA | 10 oktober 2019

@Haggy, all Bay Area SCs are up, and generally busy as they usually are this time of night. Looks like Laytonville, Chico and up to Shasta are live, according to the Nav. I only looked N.


The high winds didn’t manifest, pretty calm next to the Bay tonight.

NKYTA | 10 oktober 2019

Various towns were cut off the previous night and last night. The central Peninsula (the 101 corridor) was not impacted.

Bighorn | 10 oktober 2019

Drove from Seattle to Santa Barbara today and could not find any SCs down. All the talk on public radio in Ukiah had me rethinking my itinerary, but I rolled the dice. Apart from a little wind this morning in the Central Valley, outage seemed like a miscalculation.

marcustcohn | 11 oktober 2019

Do any of the iPhone apps show actual status ? All I see is the number of stations existing.

Uncle Paul | 11 oktober 2019

Not sure how a letter to Elon would accomplish much.

Tesla is hyper aware of the condition of their Superchargers.

GHammer | 11 oktober 2019

+1 Uncle Paul
This thread is a fools errand.

Tesla is fully aware of the condition of the superchargers and for whatever reason is being measured in how fast they repair them.

This is also a terrible way to collect data. For instance, I'm the only one in two days to post any specific information. I posted in accordance with the OP's criteria and wishes and yet the data point is flawed. I'm surprised nobody called me out on it. The low charge rate seen had nothing to do with the Supercharger, Hint: look up the low temperature for Bend yesterday.

marcustcohn | 11 oktober 2019

@unclepaul - you may well be right about Tesla being hyper aware - but how do you know this ? I would be a lot more relaxed if I had confidence that is true.
@ghammer - I see your point - any suggestions on how to measure the size of this issue ?
As to a letter - I have written (snail mail) to Elon once before and got a phone call from one of his admin assistants. That is all would ever hope for - any suggestions from either of you or anyone else ? What is the best way to support the notion that the SC Network needs a higher priority ?

AERODYNE | 11 oktober 2019

Perhaps a bit off topic, but I did a SC to see if I was throttled by recent update. The unpaired stall was cycling up and down, never more than 50Kw. I moved to another unpaired stall, and charged normally. With in minutes, a ranger in an MS showed up to charge. I told him of the problem and he immediately called it in.

marcustcohn | 12 oktober 2019

@aerodyne - any idea where he called ? If you call for road assistance the hold time is looooooong.

tes-s | 12 oktober 2019

"you may well be right about Tesla being hyper aware - but how do you know this ? I would be a lot more relaxed if I had confidence that is true."

Here is a photo from 2013 showing supercharger usage stats. They are "hyper aware" of supercharger status. I think may even track queue length based on gps coordinates of cars proximate to the supercharger.

marcustcohn | 12 oktober 2019

@tes-s Very interesting - makes it more puzzling as to why (if) there would be service issues. I have some understanding of queueing theory so long lines are somewhat understandable. I am grappling to know from the owner/user perspective if there are really wide spread service (outage) issues or not.

tes-s | 12 oktober 2019

There are not.

tes-s | 12 oktober 2019

This gets discussed periodically from a theoretical perspective on the forums.

The simple fact is there are a very few superchargers that are croweded and have queues on a regular basis - about 1% of US locations. Maybe another 2% that have queues at busy times. And the remaining 97% that almost never have queues.

Tesla is adding superchargers all the time. About 90 under construction in the US and Canada right now, and another 50 with permits.

It is rare for stalls to be out of service, but it does happen. My guess is the busy superchargers get priority for repair.

The impending collapse of the supercharger network because of whatever reason du jour the worry warts have conjured up for the past 6 years has just been nonsense. The supercharger network is alive and well.

There will always be some issues, chokepoints, and queues - until traffic congestion on the interstates is solved. Once that is solved, the supercharger network will be flawless.

trevor58 | 12 oktober 2019

Although it isn’t perfect, at least we have an existing Supercharger network to use and complain about. Not so with other EVs (VW for instance).

marcustcohn | 13 oktober 2019

@tes-s - The OP in Broken Superchargers called out three locations where there were stations that were clearly out of service. My experience (about a year ago) there were several stations at two different SCs that either would not charge at all or only at 30kWh and I was the only car there. Lastly, I tried to report this but could not endure the over 30 minute hold time. My concern is not with wait times but working at all and then charge rates. Out of service on a 2000 mile road trip is a really difficult pill to swallow.

tes-s | 13 oktober 2019

So how many times were you at a supercharger and could not charge?

plusplusjames | 13 oktober 2019

Hi tes... The 4 locations I reported in the other thread: Woodbridge, NJ, Levis, QC, Albany, NY, and Southampton, NY have problems with individual stalls either broken or charging stopped unexpectedly after 5-10 minutes. In all four, I was able to move to a different stall.

The problem with the Albany, NY is over a year old and I notified Tesla about this issue. At the risk of being a "worry wart," I am concerned that maintenance is getting away from Tesla, meaning it's heading the wrong way.

Sure, nothing is perfect. And I was able to charge at all 4 stations without waiting by changing to a different stall (3 different stalls at Woodbridge, NJ in fact because the next 2 were non-functioning also, which was annoying). I don't think denial is particularly helpful.

marcustcohn | 13 oktober 2019

@rtes-s My problems were at Buckeye AZ and Quartzite CA in November 2018. All other stops (about 11 I think) went perfectly but at Buckeye the first station (and I was the only car) would only charge at 20kWh. I moved to a second - it would not charge at all. I went to a third and finally got to 40 kWh and decided to just wait it out. On to Quartzite and it now about 11PM and we have over 100 miles to go yet. The first station would only charge at 30 kWh. A second would not charge at all. The third got to 40 kWh so again I just waited the extra time. The car worked perfectly after the trip. Temperatures were in the mid 70s to mid 60s. While I cannot be 100 percent sure I put the blame on the SC stations and it really made me worry. To make time you ride on the bottom half of the battery and I plan to arrive with about 10 percent buffer - enough for wind or other but not enough to get to another SC. In spite of that have another 100D on order to be delivered soon.

tes-s | 13 oktober 2019

"My problems were at Buckeye AZ and Quartzite CA in November 2018"

Two issues a year ago? How many times have you supercharged in the past year?

The LA/Phoenix route remains challenging. But I assure you Tesla is aware of the issue.

GHammer | 13 oktober 2019

I have been to both those chargers a few times since then with no problems.

tes-s | 13 oktober 2019

++james - what car do you have? I have had increasing problems charging my 2013 85, including non-working stalls that another car pulls in to and has no problem. I replaced the charge port a couple of weeks ago and have not had a problem since.

plusplusjames | 13 oktober 2019

@tes-s: 2014 Model S80 with 117,000 miles in legacy green. Charge port was replaced for 2nd time this past Spring.

If my ChargePort was defective, why does it only give a problem on the same stalls, not all?

Bighorn | 13 oktober 2019

I mentioned in the other thread that my failing charge port would work at some but not others. Eventually worked at fewer than half and then I recognized people were charging successfully at stalls I thought were broken. I was convinced there were a lot of bad stalls, but it all went away with a new port. Interrupted my trip to deal with it before an outright failure stranded me somewhere out of warranty/roadside assistance.

Shesmyne2 | 13 oktober 2019

Love the green.

Still Grinning ;-)

NKYTA | 13 oktober 2019


tes-s | 13 oktober 2019

"If my ChargePort was defective, why does it only give a problem on the same stalls, not all?"

That is what mine did - worked on some stalls and not others. Replacing it seems to have solved the problem.

plusplusjames | 14 oktober 2019

@tes-s and @Bighorn: Your comments about replacing chargeport duly noted. As I explained, I have already replaced mine twice. I will look for circumstances where others can charge in the same stall where mine did not which will prove your point.

marcustcohn | 14 oktober 2019

The bot in Twitter @TezLabSC provides some indication of what the true state of affairs is. Not so good.

tes-s | 14 oktober 2019

Looks really good to me. The lack of a second report of issues means they are resolved very quickly.

rickrparker | 16 oktober 2019

The phone number on the pedestals goes to roadside assistance. Then an automatic message says we already know about SC problem as the always monitor them real time. At a rather full SC right it is 8/8 full. Got a pop up that “ High Usage SC charging limo at to 80%, adjust limit if needed”. So it doesn’t pain me. Life happens. Seems that lots of people charge at lunch breaks. Cheers.

rickrparker | 16 oktober 2019

The phone number on the pedestals goes to roadside assistance. Then an automatic message says we already know about SC problem as the always monitor them real time. At a rather full SC right it is 8/8 full. Got a pop up that “ High Usage SC charging limo at to 80%, adjust limit if needed”. So it doesn’t pain me. Life happens. Seems that lots of people charge at lunch breaks. Cheers.

marcustcohn | 16 oktober 2019

@tes-s - You could well be right - but how many Tesla owners are aware of @TezLabSC ? Had you heard of this before now and if so where ?

Bighorn | 16 oktober 2019

I was not aware of it, but for me it is a solution without a problem.

marcustcohn | 17 oktober 2019

@bighorn - I am mystified by your last post - you are the voice of reason and experience - if the twitter posts are reporting issues how is that not a problem ?

Bighorn | 17 oktober 2019

In 6 years and several thousand supercharger visits, I’ve always been able to charge. Why would I introduce an unnecessary step into the process? | 17 oktober 2019

@marcustcohn - I think two-year-old issues not worth looking on twitter for answers. SC problems are generally solved quickly and it also appears some user's problems are the car, not the Supercharger.

I wouldn't trust such self-reporting, considering I've never had a Supercharger location that I couldn't charge at in the last 6+ years. Yes, in 6 years I did find one stall (about 2 years ago) that wasn't working right. Reported it to Tesla. Switched to another stall and it worked fine. I returned to the location a few days later and it was repaired.

I'd also be conserned about the FUDsters who are likely to issue fake reports. On a busy holiday, I could see people putting in lots of "falures" on your twitter page. They could be along the route the are traveling to hope others will not use the SCs along the route. Anyway, nothing is stopping you from creating a twitter page for it, just not sure it would offer much trustworthy or current inforamaion.

GHammer | 17 oktober 2019

Twice in my travels, the In-car nav. had a Supercharger labeled as restricted or limited service . One was the small 5-stall Ellensburg WA which only had two stalls functional and there was a line so I went down the street to a Chademo. The other time, somewhere in Wyoming I think, 4 of 8 were not functional but I was the only one there. I dont think I would trust a twitter bot.

Bighorn | 17 oktober 2019

Placerville had a limited service warning and was bypassing it on Nav planning as down. They all worked. Same thing at SLO last week. There was some construction of additional V3 stalls.

Darthamerica | 17 oktober 2019

Hawthorne and Redondo Beach SCs are always going down. Redondo Beach also has looong waits with 4 to 5 Teslas waiting their turn. There are not enough SCs to handle the volume of cars. This is why many SC stalls break down. The connectors and cables weren’t built for this volume and are wearing out. It’s a noticeable difference since Model 3 launch. Some of the root of this is also Tesla thinking people will charge at home and only use SCs for long distance... WRONG! These are commuters.

eggbert747 | 17 oktober 2019

Yes, especially in large cities, many Tesla owners live in apartments or condos and don't have access for charging at home. Considering when paying for charging is about 1/2 what gasoline would be, a newer owners only option is to basically charge up at the local supercharger. No ones at fault, but a growing reality. On road trips, outside of town, crowding isn't a big problem (yet). Hopefully Tesla can keep up with the growing charging demands.

SamO | 18 oktober 2019

wrong again Darth Dipshit. Tesla has known about city dwellers needing Superchaging since 2013

“We’re putting Superchargers in cities, not just between cities. And this is obviously important in places like, you know, Beijing, Shanghai, London, San Francisco, New York, where at times people may have a challenge with having a fixed parking space. It’s more like some of those people don’t have a definitive parking space. And they might have street parking or something, you know. London is particularly tricky one; where there’s – it’s got lot of high-end neighborhoods just have street parking.” -Elon Musk

SamO | 18 oktober 2019

Someone might say, well isn’t that ancient history? Maybe Tesla forgot . . .

So most millennials living in apartments rather than homes, what can we do to make it easier to own and charge a Tesla without a garage, so we are establishing supercharging locations a lot more in city, supercharging locations and there will be a little lower power. But in between a high-power supercharger which is optimized for long distance trips, but more powered than would typically be found in a home garage, so wherever the car is being parked, whether it’s the apartment or work or somewhere in between, we are going to make sure that there is a place to charge your car, even if you live in an apartment. So it’s important to have a system that load levels the power. So that they don’t have to build a new substation just to supply the apartment building. And so that’s one of the things that’s prices are being implemented, but no question, WE NEED TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM FOR APARTMENTS, NOT JUST HOMES." [Emphasis added] - Elon Musk

marcustcohn | 18 oktober 2019

@bighorn - OK - it is possible that the two successive SCs that were problematic on my last 1800 mile road trip were an anomaly - yes, I could charge but at a pathetic rate that cost me time so is that a problem or not ? Early this December I will repeat this trip and expect flawless SC performance. Stay tuned.

Darthamerica | 18 oktober 2019

Just FYI for people. When designing connectors and mechanical components in general. You've got to factor in the stress of repeated use. It would be interesting to know how often Tesla figured a SC cable and connectors would get used. With increased charging speeds, higher temps and more vehicle throughput, it seems like the older SC stalls are showing their age. Higher density of chargers, doesn't matter from who, will help solve this until more robust SCs are built.