Replacement tires

Replacement tires

Well,my spirited driving is responsible for what I had to do today. I decided that with less than 2/32 of tread it was time to replace the rear tires (16k miles on them). It also gave me the opportunity to replace the right rear wheel that some how got curb rash. I bought a refurbished wheel from eBay, and it looks perfect. In case anyone is wondering, it came from Tobacco Road Auto. $194 including shippping.
The wheel looks great. I couldn't find anything wrong with it. For tires, I didn't go with the Michelins. On my trucks, I always get Mastercraft tires. They are a good price, and great for plowing. Different use case for the Model 3, but thought I'd give them a try. They were half the money.I got the Aveger M8s. The specs are almost identical, and the tire looks good. The Michelins were $300 per tire, and I got two Mastercraft for $314 mounted and balanced.
It was funny, I showed the guy how to drive it and he pulled the car in, then asked me to back it up a little because he decided to use a floor jack instead of the lift, so of course, I used Summon. When he was done he asked if I could do it again so that he could film it. I obliged. I was going to use Smart Summon to pull it around the front, but it wouldn't work. I think it was just too close to the street.
I will let everyone know how the ride is, the traction, and if the noise level seems to change. The Mastercraft don't have the foam, but they do have: "Solid shoulder rib acts as a "dam" to stop vibrations from expanding and keep tire noise in check so that you have a comfortable ride." And it has a very high rating for Quiet Ride.

Brian (The one from Massachusetts)

Passion2Fly | 12 oktober 2019

Try using the warranty! 16,000 is very low. Lots of folks got decent refund checks from Michelin...