Model Y Production Q1 2020

Model Y Production Q1 2020

Clean Technica is reporting that Model Y to start production 9 months early. If true, you would think this is unmitigated good news, but I predict headline will be "Model 3 Demand Down so Tesla Accelerates Model Y"

Lorenzryanc | 15 oktober 2019

I can't wait to see some of these on the road :D

kevin_rf | 15 oktober 2019

Honestly, makes sense... Elon has been promising general availability in Q3 2020. To do that, they would have to start initial production in Q1, Q2 at the latest so they can ramp and safely meet the Q3 promise. Pushing out a couple hundred a week in Q3 would have the perception that Tesla has failed to deliver.

The question now should be, will the first Y's be turned over to customers at the end of Q1 or beginning of Q2 (April).

cybergrafx | 15 oktober 2019

Model Y spotted with chrome trim near Fremont factory

Devilstower | 15 oktober 2019

I'm actually hoping they take till the end of the year ... because I have one pre-ordered and I need longer for my bank account to recover from the Model 3 purchase. :)

vmulla | 15 oktober 2019


I'm focused on LR RWD 7 seater version, I have a feeling that config will be harder to find as the demand shifts from 3 to Y.

AZTesla | 15 oktober 2019

Wonderful news. Thank you.

lbowroom | 15 oktober 2019

cross-posting too Scott, cool!

SamO | 15 oktober 2019

Newest FUD: only Tesla cars depreciate.

TexasBob | 15 oktober 2019

Yes, general rule of thumb before dropping some tens of $k on a new vehicle: make sure you actually want THAT vehicle with THOSE options at THAT price. If you are going to be unhappy with the combination of vehicle/options/price, do not buy it because, well, you will be unhappy.

Ross1 | 15 oktober 2019

Only put in your mouth what will fit.

Only invest what you can afford to lose.

Always wear good clean underwear in case you end up in hospital.

See what your prospective wife looks like in the morning before you marry her.

Only buy a car you are willing to stomach the depreciation.

Consider if your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

n7142701886 | 15 oktober 2019

Used Tesla X price will be reduced because of Tesla Y.
Lots of people are looking for 3 row Tesla, but Model X is pricy so they bought Used Tesla X. I guess people will buy Tesla Y instead of used Tesla X.

jordanrichard | 15 oktober 2019

In that picture of the Y’s on the car carrier, it’s odd that the rear quarter window still had blacked out trim or maybe it is simply missing.

andy | 15 oktober 2019

Should sell like hot cakes in Europe as hatchbacks already dominate car sales. Shame that we’ll have a to wait a while for the RHD version.

I’d like a Model Y as my next Tesla. Miss the load carrying capability of the Leaf and can’t bear to drive our Audi hatchback anymore. That’s the problem with Teslas - you become intolerant of driving other cars!

Fuzzball | 16 oktober 2019

+1 Devilstower.
Jumped early on Model 3 but will likely be patient with Y. Need to see capacity vs X. S/X upgrades along with Y will likely pressure used X.
In a tie, think i would take a performance Y over used X...

billtphotoman | 16 oktober 2019

If this is accurate I can only imagine the puckering going on in BMW's board room. I think a lot of model Y sales will come out of BMW's X1/X3 hide.

Lorenzryanc | 16 oktober 2019

Interesting with the chrome trim. I thought they were blacked out trim pieces and handles? I don't mind my chrome, but I'd prefer the black (not enough to chrome delete mine though).

bckator | 16 oktober 2019

I'm pretty sure the headline is wrong re the chrome. I think its just white protective film. Or at least that is my hope. Planning on trading in my 3 for a Y.

hokiegir1 | 16 oktober 2019

I've always assumed the blacked out trim was pre-production and the real deal was going to come with chrome, like the 3, since that's another part that they can likely reuse.

Lorenzryanc | 16 oktober 2019

You look correct @bckator. The handles are still black and the rear small window has no cover/black. Looks like protection only. FHEW! Good luck with your future Y

SamO | 16 oktober 2019

Best sellin CUVs and loaded cost:

Honda CRV $34,000
Kia Telluride $43,500
Mazda CXV $41,000
Hyundai Santa Fe $39,000
Toyota RAV4 $35,000

mike | 16 oktober 2019

I just noticed on the product and order pages that there is no chrome on the Y like there is on the 3. Same on all trims

jjgunn | 17 oktober 2019

The crossover market is very popular. Keeping the price competitive is super important because more & more people are understanding EV's (especially Tesla)