Longest time in service? At my wits end.

Longest time in service? At my wits end.

At my wits end with Tesla service. I picked up a brand new 2019 Model X early September. Moment I picked it up I texted the salesperson that there's a vibration in the steering wheel. Was told I would have to book an appointment through application, waited 2 weeks for Tesla techs to try to convince me there's no issue. Went to a different service center, techs said there absolutely is an issue.

In 6 weeks of ownership the Model X has already been in the shop for 2+ weeks and now on my 5th visit. This past Monday I was told was ready, which turned into Tuesday. Vibration I'm not even sure is there because as soon as I pulled out, car pulled to the right like crazy. Was told car was test driven multiple times. Not sure how this was missed?

In any case - I have yet to hear back, spent almost 5 hours on my 4th visit / time picking up the Model X to be told they had to keep it longer.

I don't understand how this is normal? 2-3 week wait times without your car on a brand new car?

When I brought up lemon laws and this being unacceptable, of course manager and techs started getting defensive and just shrugged shoulders. I don't understand.

johncrab | 18 oktober 2019

Read up on your state’s lemon law requirements. Most say that after X attempts to repair a new car, it is a lemon and you can get help from the state to get your money back. You have hit Tesla’s worst in market customer service as a new owner with a new car and I’m very sorry, but we are all in the same boat, begging them to talk to us. Until this changes, I will not do business with them.

rxlawdude | 18 oktober 2019

Lemon Law relief for sure.