Problems with a Supercharger? Check CC Info in Account

Problems with a Supercharger? Check CC Info in Account

I have a friend that recently bought a Model 3 with 1000 free miles of supercharging. They were returning from a long trip and they plugged in at a Supercharger and it blinked red and refused to charge with no explanation that they could see. I helped them debug and in the end it was because their credit card info under their account was incorrect and they had used their free 1000 miles.

We were both a little surprised that this would prevent charging so suddenly without any explanation, but after entering their correct info via their phone, the charger started working. I didn't realize they were so strict with this - maybe this is a recent change...

I'm posting mainly as a PSA to prevent someone stuck on the road and a dissatisfied new owner.

FISHEV | 18 oktober 2019

Other Tesla charger tips.

1. If a charger won't work. Put plug back into holster. Wait 1 minute try again.
2. If charger still won't work, switch and not to the current chargers mate. They are numbered 1A/1B etc.
3. If chargers don't work, put the cord back in the holster. Tesla says it may reset by itself if in holster.
5. Once you've found a working charger. Call Tesla to report problem chargers.

ModernTriDad | 18 oktober 2019

This is either a change in how Tesla operates or the glitch was coincidental to the CC update. In the past, from all I’ve read, Tesla has allowed charging and to accumulate some supercharging “debt” then charged users on their next SC visit or at other points in time.

I can speak from experience though. I was lucky enough to pay for the Performance M3 (extra $10k) with the free supercharging (<$10k value). It was still worth the 3.5 sec 0-60 though.

ModernTriDad | 18 oktober 2019

Or maybe no CC on account works better than an incorrect CC. I suppose that’s possible too.

Tronguy | 18 oktober 2019

Warning to others: FISHEV is a major troll and likely astroturfer. Do not engage: He/she/it is here to hijack threads and disparage Tesla.
(Got caught claiming that the Superchargers in Vancouver were busted.. when they weren't. Then deleted the thread which he/she/it had started that revealed the nonsense. The business with the cords is another attempt to muck with Tesla.)