Home wall connector adapter

Home wall connector adapter

My home wall connector is around 3 feet too short to reach my model 3 when parked in the garage, I was wonder rather than going through the hassle and expence of running new wiring if there is an extension or even an adaptor to go between my Home Wall charger and the Mobile Connector I received with my model 3?


EVRider | 21 oktober 2019

How did you end up with a wall connector that can’t reach your car?

cissell71 | 21 oktober 2019

Lol, wall connector is on the house as I normally park it in the driveway, but with the winter coming it will be going in the garage.

reed_lewis | 21 oktober 2019

I have not seen a Tesla extension cord for the plug to the car. | 21 oktober 2019

@Cissell - There is no extension. Are you using the Moble Connector (came with the car) or the Tesla Wall Connector? The WC comes with two size cables, 8 feet, and 24 feet. If you have the 8-foot model, it might be possible to switch it. I don't know that Tesla sells the long cable or that it can easily be switched, but worth asking if that would solve it.

Yodrak. | 21 oktober 2019

Will it reach if you park the car facing the opposite way?

watermanhfl | 22 oktober 2019

Since you already have wiring out to the Tesla charger I would have electrician add a NEMA 14-50 plug inside off same line. Should be relatively inexpensive and no permit.