If you pre-order a model y can you get the price as you’ve designed even if prices change? For example if fsd price increases do you get the price at the time you design your preorder?

If you already have a Tesla and order another one can you give yourself a referral?

Is there any reason to have a new account for a second Tesla car for my spouse or should we have separate accounts. The cars will be registered separately. Also if we have it in the same account can we give a referral to ourselves for the second car?

jimglas | 22 oktober 2019

You get the price you agreed to.
You can refer to yourself if you have taken delivery of your other car
My wife and I have the same account. We can access each others car. They are registered separately.
As above, you can refer to yourself for the second car, I did just that.

nrugh | 22 oktober 2019

Thanks for the feedback!

EVRider | 23 oktober 2019

Did you order a Model Y or just reserve one? I don’t know that reserving one locks in the price.

I agree that using a single account for both cars is the best, and makes it easier for self referrals. You can still add a second account if you need one. I have both of our Teslas on my account, and added a second account for my wife that has only her car.

jordanrichard | 23 oktober 2019

EVRider +1. Putting down a reservation deposit is not the same as ordering a car.

stupinean_adrian | 27 oktober 2019

How to see if you have a VIN number assigned by TESLA if you already order an car but no news from Delivery Persons.
Very useful for people that still wait for their Teslas...

Hope this will help !