Can you upgrade WIFI speed for a 2014 Model S from 3G to LTE

Can you upgrade WIFI speed for a 2014 Model S from 3G to LTE

I was wondering if you can upgrade WIFI speed for a 2014 Tesla Model S. If so what is the cost?

Drew1616 | 26 oktober 2019

Thanks for any information.

Anthony J. Parisio | 26 oktober 2019

I had my 2014 upgraded to 4G. Tesla did it for me 4 yeas ago.

Bighorn | 26 oktober 2019

You can get LTE for about $500 but it does not improve the browser speed much, by most accounts. | 26 oktober 2019

Also if you replace MCU1 with MCU2 ($2500 or so) you'll also get LTE as part of the upgrade.

If you only want LTE, then the $500 upgrade is all that is needed. I had LTE added to my first 2013 S, and it was a definite improvement. There were areas I traveled with no 3G reception that worked fine after the upgrade.

NKYTA | 26 oktober 2019

BH, yeah, not much improvement to the already dead slow browser, but a little bit.

It did seem to improve google map refresh times, but then an update botched that for some months. Seems to be back to normal now. | 26 oktober 2019

@Drew1616 - I didnt' exactly answer your question. For WiFi, you'd need to upgrade to MCU2 to get 5 GHz WiFi. As for faster, that's less clear. 5 GHz WiFi has a harder time going through walls, so 2.4 GHz might be faster. So many variables, it's hard to tell.

Not sure why you want faster WiFi. I can't think of anything you do in the car while parked at home that would make much difference. I'd guess software updates might download quicker, but it's never been a problem for me. More likely your internet bandwidth is a bigger limitation. | 26 oktober 2019

Also, WiFi has nothing to do with 3G or LTE.

Drew1616 | 26 oktober 2019

Sorry, I meant 3G upgraded to LTE.

GHammer | 26 oktober 2019

My '14 has the 3G>LTE upgrade. It loads streaming music faster. My '15 doesn't have the upgrade and I notice it, particularly when buffering large podcasts.

Bill_75D | 28 oktober 2019

@TeslaTap - Where is this "replace MCU1 with MCU2 ($2500 or so)" that you are suggesting? I'd like to get rid of my crappy MCU1. Tesla won't do this for me, so who do I need to contact?

tes-s | 28 oktober 2019

I upgraded my 2013. Made no difference.

rxlawdude | 28 oktober 2019

I recommend anyone on the 3G radio upgrade ASAP. 3G towers will be gradually decommissioned as LTE becomes the baseline service. | 28 oktober 2019

@Bill_75D - Tesla has been stating a retrofit is in the works (but for a long time). You'll have to ask service if it is available and the cost if you're interested. I thought several forum members stated they had the MCU1 replaced with MCU2 for $2500, but I don't have any first-hand data. Sorry, I don't remember what thread that was in.