Cyber Truck

Cyber Truck

In the Q3 call, Elon seemed to call the new Tesla Truck "Cyber Truck". It wasn't entirely clear, but did anyone else hear it that way?

Now it could be an internal name, like the Model S Raven, but perhaps the production name. Guess we'll find out next month!

TabascoGuy | 27 oktober 2019

It almost sounds to me like they (maybe) have two trucks in the works. The Cyber truck being the one that has been described as Blade Runner like and would target a smaller audience, and, the Pickup truck that would be more traditional looking and target the larger Ford, Chevy, Ram crowd.

If they really do have two different design intents, they could unveil the Cyber truck first to gauge the reaction. If it's lukewarm, they can build that vehicle as a low volume model and then release the Pickup down the road as a high volume model. If the reaction is overwhelmingly positive, then they can just build higher volumes of the Cyber truck and skip the Pickup truck altogether.

Madatgascar | 27 oktober 2019

Or reveal both versions like they did with the semi. Maybe the big one can carry the little one on stage.

TabascoGuy | 27 oktober 2019

That wouldn't surprise me either. :-)

EVRider | 27 oktober 2019

I thought there was only one pickup truck in the works, and that's the one that Elon recently started calling the Cyber Truck. | 27 oktober 2019

Never heard of a hint of two pickup trucks in the works, but Tesla is known for providing surprises! Image from the annual meeting, which doesn't' show much, and talk from Elon have only what seems to me is the Cyber Truck.

TabascoGuy | 27 oktober 2019

Compete speculation on my part EV.

rglossin | 6 november 2019

“Cybertruck unveil on Nov 21 in LA near SpaceX rocket factory,”

jordanrichard | 6 november 2019

Though Elon gives the impression that this truck will be completely off the charts in design, if they plan on selling any of them, it can’t be too far of the reservation when it comes to what a pick up truck looks like.

sbeggs | 6 november 2019


David N | 6 november 2019

I’m with Jordan, if it’s too strange looking it might not be accepted by traditional truck owners. Elon’s comment about not caring if he sells a lot has me a bit worried.
Then again, let’s wait and see, Model wise he’s 3 for 3 so far, let’s hope that winning streak continues. | 7 november 2019

Consider that it will be a slow ramp anyway, it could be a year or more before a "slow-selling" production can meet demand. My guess is it can be a bit "strange" and do quite well. Consider all the attention Rivian has gotten, and those pickups are quite out-there (and a bit ugly in my opinion). In some ways, not being the same as everyone else (in a good way) has served Tesla quite well.

andy.connor.e | 7 november 2019

Remember Faraday Future? Yea me too.

jordanrichard | 7 november 2019

Tesla is not that flush with money to spend money on a project like a pick up truck and have it not sell.

andy.connor.e | 8 november 2019

They did say that if its not appealing they would probably make one that would be appealing. Then again, just because it looks different, i dont see that as a reason to dislike what could be offered. I heard about 240V plugs for high powered tools.

TranzNDance | 8 november 2019

Minivans don't look appealing and yet people still buy them. Pickup trucks themselves aren't that "appealing". Some people just want to have the emotional association that pickup trucks have these days. This is separate from people who actually need trucks.

It makes more sense to me for Tesla to expand the truck market than to try too hard to convince "traditional" owners to switch.

andy.connor.e | 8 november 2019

Some people buy big trucks and jack them up with huge tires for "compensation"

andy.connor.e | 8 november 2019

Agree with the minivan example though. Its about utility. Tesla will be providing the only available electric pickup, so that will be the difference if someone is looking for electric.

teslu3 | 8 november 2019

A pickup would be great if capable on rugged dirt roads in a nature preserve. Carry tools, water, fencing materials, rocks, brush. Paint will get scratched and dented rather quickly. Quiet, no artificial sound under 18mph, so birds and animals are not disturbed.

jordanrichard | 8 november 2019

"They did say that if its not appealing they would probably make one that would be appealing" Elon did say that, but that cost even more money because you are having to develop two different styled trucks.

andy.connor.e | 8 november 2019

I mean, i know that. But its their choice. Im glad that Tesla even has the balls to try and design something that is so far from the normal cookie cutter cars every other company makes.

PrescottRichard | 8 november 2019

I wouldn’t put it past Elon to reveal some crazy Mars rover looking vehicle at first as a joke, then bring out the real deal.

Ross1 | 8 november 2019

...and there will be a bunch of investors waiting to see if the truck is good looking or Orphan Annie, and might hit the Sell button the second the Mars Rover joke appears. Nightmare on Wall St.

Madatgascar | 8 november 2019

“Looks like an armored personnel carrier from the future”... sounds pretty interesting to me. What do I have to do to get invited to the reveal? | 9 november 2019

@Madatgascar - "What do I have to do to get invited to the reveal?"

Go back in time and get 5+ referrals! Not sure there is any way to swing an invite now.

I don't have an invite. If you know someone that does have an invite and they do not have a +1 yet, perhaps you can go along with them!