Tire replacement - for M3 LR RWD

Tire replacement - for M3 LR RWD

Just curious..

- Has anyone replaced tires here ?
- How long have your tires lasted ?
- What did you replace them with when you had to?
- Have you seen a range impact when you replaced tires?

gballant4570 | 6 november 2019

LR AWD - replaced tires last July at 13.5k miles. Went with 235/45R-18 BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport, mainly to try to get longer wear. My average wh/m did not improve, the new tires are a bit less efficient. However, at my one year mark my wh/m avg was 238, so the efficiency hit was not large. 6k miles later they appear to be wearing a little slower. The jury is still out on them - time will tell if I would consider another set or not.

n7142701886 | 6 november 2019

I changed to BF goodrich G-FORCE COMP-2 A/S 235/45R18 98W BSW HP ALL SEASON TIRE.
Very affordable, good handling, but less efficient (265 wh/mile). I feels very safe with this tire because it is sticky.

My OEM Michellin is 241 wh/mile

Bighorn | 6 november 2019

31k for original MXMs
Went with A/S 3+
Efficiency tends to be lower on new tires vs worn--usually 10-15% worse, but it improves.

vmulla | 6 november 2019

I replaced my original MXM4s at 25k.
I'm at 46K now on my car, ~21k on my new tires and my new set are at 5/32. I expect the new set to last 40K because of altered driving style.

M3phan | 6 november 2019

LR RWD, replaced with same MXM4s. I’m happy.

lilbean | 6 november 2019

:( I replaced mine at 14k miles.

walnotr | 6 november 2019

Over 4000 miles on A/S 3+ and have a hard time getting down to 240 Wh/mi. Lots of high speed cross country miles so far and usually in the 270+Wh/mi range. There have been too many compounding variables to have a real feel of efficiency loss. The are as quiet as the MXM’s to my ears but that may not be the best test. :-D

M3phan | 6 november 2019

Replaced mine at 11K

ST70 | 6 november 2019

any warranty claims?

M3phan | 6 november 2019

Since I like to let Tesla service centers take care of all my needs, Michelin warranty claim was unavailable. I did run the numbers with a Michelin rep on the phone, and I would’ve gotten something like $300 back had I gone to a different tire shop, but again, I like working with Tesla for all my needs behind my diy ability, and fortunately I don’t have to worry about $300 rebates.

M3phan | 6 november 2019


vmulla | 7 november 2019

ST70 | November 6, 2019
any warranty claims?


Read towards the end of this thread here:

teslu3 | 7 november 2019

LR RWD, replaced at 29K miles with same MXM4 acoustic tires. Slight range impact for 1K miles or so. Back to a range of 322-325 miles. No warranty claim but had discount price/tire of $225 then, now $254.

RedShift | 7 november 2019

The MXM stock tires are not good for sporty driving. Due to the weight of the car, and their own inferior characteristics, they break traction easily during enthusiastic driving.

I’m considering summer and winter tires even though I live in SF Bay Area. I travel to Tahoe often to ski, and need a winter tire.. rest of the time, I need the sticky summer tires to really have a lot of fun!

beaver | 7 november 2019

This thread has lots of good info on replacement tires for 18” on model 3. I got Continentals and was very happy with them.

Iwantmy3 | 7 november 2019

I burned through my MXM4s at around 45K km halfway through this last summer. I put on a set of Michelin Cross Climate+. I have been very happy with them through the summer. They are fully rated summer, dry road, wet road and (snowflake and mountain) winter tires. I will be interested to see how they perform in the snow. If they are as good as the reviews, they will permanently become my year round tire. Check out the online ratings below.

sa012 | 7 november 2019


Has the Cross Climate's affected your range at all?

LostInTx | 7 november 2019

Replaced original Michelin MXM's at 29K miles with same tires. Called Michelin and they offered a 25% refund due to not achieving the rated 45K miles. Pocketed $325.

If the new ones need to be replaced 30K miles from now, I'll get another prorated refund. Easy Peasy.

jamespompi | 7 november 2019

I got 32k out of the Primacy 18" but they were totally bald. Got some Kumho K22's since they were super cheap ($528 out the door) and their ratings only looked poor in snow which doesnt matter to me in FL. They feel fine, but I have seen an increase in WH/Mi.

Syed.Hosain | 7 november 2019

A few weeks ago, I replaced the original Primacy MXM4 235/45-18 tires with Pilot Sport 4S in a 255/40-18 size.

Mileage was 28.5k or so with just under 4/32" tread left. I need to contact Michelin to see if they will give me a bit of a refund.

The Pilot Sport 4S has dar better handling, but will probably reduce my "mileage" some due to the stickier tire (poorer rolling resistance) and tad wider tread (a bit more air resistance theoretically).

And, yes, I will replace these new tires far sooner in total mileage - they are rated for less longevity than the MXM4.

Syed.Hosain | 7 november 2019

"dar" --> "far" above.

kaffine | 7 november 2019

I got 40k miles from the original Michelin's tires 18" rims. I put on Bridgestone Drivegaurd tires as they are run-flats. Didn't notice much difference in noise or ride quality.

Not sure about range as I changed commutes at the same time and don't drive as much now and was able to start using sentry mode and cabin overheat options.

szostalo | 14 november 2019

Bridgestone Potenza RE50 265/40/18 on 2018 LR RWD. I like.

pssaggu | 29 januar 2020

@Syed.D - Wanted to check / re-confirm on this. I have a 19 inch wheel on model 3 (stock option). Is it ok if we go a little wider / taller on the new tires.

From : Continental Procontact RX - 235/40R19 96W XL
To : ExtremeContact DWS 06 - Size: 245/45ZR19

Please advise.