Charging Scheduled Departure on 2019.36.2.1 set for 6:00AM

Charging Scheduled Departure on 2019.36.2.1 set for 6:00AM

Well, after being disappointed by the Scheduled Departure feature this morning, I investigated it a bit. Scheduled Departure is hard coded to complete charging at 6:00AM (it is even stated in the release notes).

The only thing you get with Scheduled Departure is cabin climate complete at the time you set in the settings. You cannot change the scheduled time to have charging complete.

I guess it is back to using the Stats app for a simulation of this function. Very disappointed in Tesla's implementation.

hokiegir1 | 12 november 2019

Give it time. It'll change. It's a new feature. And unless you are leaving at 9am, a 6am end time is still going to be helpful. The battery won't cool enough to completely eliminate regen in an hour or 2...and the limiting it does do isn't as pronounced.

jdcollins5 | 12 november 2019

Most Time-of-Use and other discount rates end at 6:00 AM so the reason for stopping at 6:00.

MichaelB00012 | 12 november 2019

@jdcollins - correct, which is also stated as the reason they're stopping at 6am.

Problem though - not everyone uses that, thus not everyone cares when the actual charging happens. I, like the OP, would rather my car actually finish charging at my scheduled departure time, or close to it.

CST | 12 november 2019

Funny, PG&E EV-A rate (in Tesla's region) ends at 7am.

Patronus | 12 november 2019

Yeah, well, I do leave at 9-10AM, so it does me no good.

kevin_rf | 12 november 2019

My TOU rate ends at 7am and I leave at 8ish. I have no need for cabin conditioning, the car warms up fast enough. What I am after is as much residual heat as possible left in the battery on cold New England mornings. I am very disappointed.

btw. My one test had a ton of regen dots. Significantly more dots than when I was estimating when charging will complete and adjusting my charge time accordingly.

Will work with it more as the arctic blast moves in, but so far it's a miss.

SteveWin1 | 12 november 2019

I also don't use TOU and my car lives in a warm garage, so I would also prefer it to finish charging right before I leave.

teslu3 | 12 november 2019

Loaded 2019.36.2.1 last night then set departure time for 4:30 am with no cabin conditioning. Left shortly after with the charge level inidicated; cabin was warmer than normal but the heat/AC system was off.

andy | 12 november 2019

The manual seems to suggest that it warms the battery and will charge past 6am if needed for the departure time, It feels like a very incomplete feature and the user experience hasn't been considered. I was very confused and concerned that we may have lost the scheduled charge then feature because of the way the display works, but departure is one of a choice of three options and you can flick between them, but settings on departure time done seem to be remembered.

For this to work pre-conditioning needs to be on a separate setting to charging with its own timers - or better ,set from the mobile app. The car also needs to be aware of different tariffs (many in the UK use a tariff that runs at 1/3rd of normal costs between 0:30 and 4:30).

It's wasteful to have the car heating on a fixed schedule as not everybody sets off at the same time every day and departure time causing the car to charge on more expensive tariffs also draws power at times when other people are also using electricity - so not so green.

There are a few areas of the Tesla interface where user requirements don't seem to be completely thought through and the user experience takes a secondary seat in implementation. The car feels absolutely great after the update, but the software doesn't match the drive quite yet and simple features that are available on a more basic car like the Leaf continue to be missing at the expense of being able to see cones on the display,

Still love the car - maybe Tesla need some extra ways of listening to feedback to make it superb, Some of the software tweaks are minor, but would make a huge difference,

PteRoy | 12 november 2019

I leave at noon. Unless I don’t.

andy | 12 november 2019

Sums it up. People work and play flexibly and in different locations.

gballant4570 | 12 november 2019

However, I pay the same rate for electricity 24/7. I will never be going anywhere at 6:00am. I want a warming charge before leaving in the winter. It appears scheduled departure doesn't have anything for me.

mark | 12 november 2019

Absolutely ridiculous to assume everyone is on the same (6AM) ToU rate plan. As others have noted, even in California, ToU rate plans don't end that early. In fact, most of the current plans in California offer the cheapest rates until the mid to late afternoon.

I live in LA, I park in a garage, I don't need temperature pre-conditioning, but I'd like to set the actual charge completion time.

And I'd like to be able to turn off the automatic mirror dimming while I'm at it...

SnowZA | 13 november 2019

I agree that this feature as implemented now isn't particularly useful to me. I usually leave between 9 and 10am as well, and while I do have cheaper power during the night, the difference is just over 1c per kWh. I'd much rather be able to set a specific end time for charging than have it stop at some random time - mine stopped charging at 5:44am this morning.

kevin_rf | 13 november 2019

Yeah, looks like it will finish charging just before 5:30 this morning...

Curious how that was going to play out, arrived home with 57 miles and had to bump up to 90% for all of today's planned driving. Noticed the app listed charging starting at 11:15.

walnotr | 13 november 2019

My question is how can the car predict how many amps your charging system will deliver before it has started charging? Seems like a pretty important variable to know when calculating a start time.

derotam | 13 november 2019

@walnotr, the charging rate is geolocked whenever you plug in at a new location, or when you change it in the charging screen. As long as you have charged in a location the car "knows" what the charge rate will be. Obviously this doesn't work if there are multiple plugs with different Amp ratings at a given location and you aren't always able to choose. In that case you would have to set the rate before you leave the car.

walnotr | 13 november 2019

First off, let me say this isn’t an issue for me as my time is pretty flexible. An experiment comes to mind that wouldn’t likely apply to anyone.

What if you normally charge at 240V/32A but for what ever reason you have to revert to 120V/15A? I think the car automatically detects the lower powered charger and sets the charge rate accordingly. How would it determine the start time if I failed to first manually adjust the change rate before hand?

alisse | 13 november 2019

I had a good test of this feature this morning, and not inspecting anything other than the result, I was quite pleased. 28 degrees this morning. Got in the car at 7:15am. Had 100% regeneration ready and the cabin was warm and comfortable. Last year, I'd have the snowflake and the limited regen warning for most of my commute. Very happy with this update. And not just for this reason.

fearghus1 | 13 november 2019

I had scheduled departure set for 8AM, the car was charged to 90% as I expected, but it started running AC @ LO around 7:45 AM and it is 9F outside. Why would it do that?

I didn't find any settings to select heat or ac for pre-conditioning, I thought, it will automatically set the temperature based on outside temperature.

Am I missing something?

alisse | 13 november 2019

@fearghus1 it will set the cabin to whatever it was last set to. You can always adjust in the app as well. 68F works well in any season. :)

fearghus1 | 13 november 2019

Thank you Alisse. I was playing with Remote App I bought last night and i must have last tested AC.

Thank you. it makes sense. I will check if this works tomorrow.

mark | 15 november 2019

I would love to be able to set the car to finish charging when I need it. It's currently a manual process for me. On any given day I drive between 25km and 400km for work and not a set schedule. Most days it's between 100 and 300km. I have to charge every day to be sure I have adequate range. I usually don't leave until late morning (after 10am) or even afternoon. I would love to set the car to finish charging for 9am but finishing before 6am is terrible. Currently I have it start at 2am in the morning but that means on my long days I have to manual start the charge before hand. I don't care about warming up the cabin, that's easy to do from the app before I leave. But I greatly care about scheduling a completed charge time! I would even accept having the charge finish at 6am if it didn't precondition the cabin! That is simply not useful to me.

Effopec | 15 november 2019

Yeah, I've gone back to the stats app also. My garage is warm/cool enough that I don't really need the climate control pre-conditioning so I don't want the electrical drain from it running for who knows how long. If it's an exceptionally cold morning I may manually click on the climate a few minutes before I head out and that is plenty. My electrical rates are the same 24/7, so I really just want to help battery life and keep the regen dots to a minimum.

Tesla2018 | 15 november 2019

I keep my car in the garage and it never gets under 70 degrees. and I charge at home. Last week I went to Atlanta and it was about 60 degrees and I needed to stop at a Supercharger about 10 miles away and it said preconditioning for supercharging which I had never seen before. The car charged at about 500 miles per hour and then slowly dropped to about 120 mph. A women next to me said it takes longer to charge as the battery gets closer to being fully charged. Does temperature have any effect on supercharging time? I know preconditioning warms up the battery, and thought it slowed down to keep it from getting too hot. At what temperature does the car decide that preconditioning is needed? Does it also happen if it is 100 degrees outside to cool the battery.

A way to figure out charging at home is to set the slider to the percentage of charge you need. Lets say you want to charge to 100% if you are going on a trip.Plug in the car for a minute or two and see how long the displays says it will take to get to that state of charge. Lets say it say you do it at 6 pm and it says it will take 5 hours to. charge and you want to leave at 9am the next day. Set the timer to go on at 4am.

Likewise if you want it to stop at 4am if that was your time of day rate increase, then you would set it to start charging at 11pm so it would be done at 4am. In this case you wouldnt want to set it to 100% , but a lower level to avoid having a full battery lying around.

M3phan | 15 november 2019

What I think some need to understand and accept is that Tesla will put out great new features when they are mostly ready, then use real world data to improve and refine. This is how to stay on the bleeding edge. I’d rather help Tesla improve the tech than sit around longer and wait for perfection.

johnalan.gibby | 8 december 2019

After reading this and seeing how this works, maybe it is moderately useful for me. I can adjust the charge limit from the phone, and always know that it will start charging early enough to get to that limit. It would be nice If we could set the end time ourselves. I imagine this will be a change at some point. As others have mentioned, my cheap charging ends at 7 AM, not 6 AM. But still, this is moderately useful. It would really be nice if it would adjust the charge amperage to the lowest level that would still get the charge done by the time we want it

johnalan.gibby | 8 december 2019

That last idea would mean we could also specify the minimum start time. 11:00pm in my case. So it would choose the required current level, to get to the charge limit, starting no earlier than 11pm.