Emporia, KS Supercharger

Emporia, KS Supercharger

I’m excited that the Supercharger planned for Emporia, KS since 2017 is finally in the “Construction” phase. Would anyone in Emporia be kind enough to post updates? I don’t know if it will take a few weeks or several months. Looks like it will be a V3 with 250kw and 8 stalls.
Thanks in advance.

dannycollinson | 22 januar 2020

I want to follow up on HairyPiano's asking for updates 1/22/20

Bighorn | 22 januar 2020

Follow the link to the thread at TMC. There usually is one.

finman100 | 22 januar 2020

apodbdrs | 22 januar 2020

look at, select DATA at the top, tap on zip code and find the supercharger latest status. May be good to look only at USA or what ever country one is interested in.

yudansha™ | 22 januar 2020

Nice, Andreas.

apodbdrs | 22 januar 2020