Are the 2017 Model X P100D holding value

Are the 2017 Model X P100D holding value

I moved and decided to sell my 17 Model X P100D it is on consignment. However paid 165K and now the 2020 similar car is going for 127K new with unlimited charging. How can the car hold it's value if the price for a new car is less? I would have been better off leasing the car. So don't think the cars are holding their values and depreciate a lot. looking at 90K?

jimglas | 21 november 2019

its worth what you can sell it for
Like every other car
I can now buy my $2k TV for under $400

wmyers | 21 november 2019

Last I heard unlimited charging would disappear when you sell it.

Joenyc | 22 november 2019

Wow so the analogy for the model X is like a TV for $400. Unfortunately, the Model X fall under highly depreciated assets.

jimglas | 22 november 2019

a car is always a terrible investment. Loses 30% driving off the lot.

Uncle Paul | 25 november 2019

The 75X versions are holding their value better. The current offer of free Ludicrous hurts the value of previous performance models.

Consider that your loose any governmental and delivery fees, plus you rec's some tax benefits when you origininaly purchased.

In your case, you might have been better off leasing.

Price of electric vehicles trending were an early adopter.