Looking At Used Model X

Looking At Used Model X

My brother-in-law is looking at used Model Xs. He wants either a five passenger or seven passenger configuration. Both rows need to fold down because he carries boxes for his work. Do all second row 5 or 7 seat models fold down? He drives 50 to 100 miles a day. He will be able to charge easily at home. He does live in Minnesota so cold temperatures to deal with for range. Most of his daily driving is several smaller trips so a lot of heating will be required in winter. He believes even a 200 mile range X would work. I think he should look for more range to give himself more flexibility. He doesn't care about AP but I think he should try to stay with AP 2.0 or high vehicle. Any suggestion from Model Xs on what to consider?

jimglas | 24 november 2019

especially in snow country, I would recommend the longest range he can afford. Dual motor (AWD) is nice in the snow.

ajbutler45 | 24 november 2019

@jimglas Thanks for your recommendation, I do agree. If you look at Model Xs in the 75 to 100 Kwh range you start to get pretty close to new Model X price range. The new one gets over 300 miles and has HW 3.0 Even though he can afford more he sees 60 Kwh Model Xs AP 1 for $60K so much less expensive. Maybe he get the 60 and once he becomes hooked with Tesla then in a couple years he gets a new one?

ratchet | 24 november 2019

Be careful about used 7-seaters. The early models (through about mid-2017 I think) had the monopost "captain" chairs in the middle row. They lean forward but do not fold flat. More recent 7-seat versions are configured with both middle and rear rows that can fold flat.

Uncle Paul | 25 november 2019

A brand new, Long Range (100) X is a great value at $85k. Gets all the Raven features for longer range, better suspension and latest battery. 5 Seater folds flat and has huge storage capacity. Gets the latest battery, latest computer HW3, ceramic bearings etc.

dynabe | 25 november 2019

The older models are prone to repairs. I would recommend a brand new one with a new warranty. A used one is going to be full of issues that Tesla will not cover.

freemarket | 25 november 2019

I agree with Uncle Paul. I’ve driven in cold seasons with my Model S and 250 rated miles of range. With factors such as wind, rain, snow and elevation changes in your route, all played a factor in me feeling confident that I’d get 80%. If I apply that to the 200 mile factor, he’s good for 160 miles on a good day. My 2014 Model S with 115,000 miles now has a full charge to 228, but I only charge to 90% as recommended. That’s 205 miles when I get in every day and I drive 50-100 miles in town when I drive it. Even in decent weather, I’d estimate I get 80% of each mile it’s rated for. If your BIL is making it his daily driver, he wont want to max charge that every night. He’ll be at 90% of 200 or 180. Possible battery degradation alone on a used MX after buying it would be a huge fear for me too. Buy new, the suspension alone is worth it, especially driving that many miles per day. I got my MX in late September. It’s so nice to drive and having 325 miles of range is real freedom, especially if you have kids and potential family trips in it.