Just placed my order :-)

Just placed my order :-)

Currently have MX and M3. About to turn 81 yrs. young (too old to be a boomer; born in 1939). So, WhyTF not?

andy.connor.e | 24 november 2019

assuming you meant the cybertruck, we welcome the boomers

PrescottRichard | 24 november 2019

Boomer is more a state of mind than an actual age. I think.

andy.connor.e | 24 november 2019

Thats the joke. Its supposed to be an insult basically saying you're out of touch of reality. The fact that its just a trendy phrase is what pretty much brings its value to zero for me.

rob | 24 november 2019

You going to stop at 3 Teslas or you going for an S or Roadster?

BadgerErickson | 24 november 2019

Welcome Gregory, we need to start planning our 1st TCT rally!?!

ghgregory | 24 november 2019

Re Rob... Plan to sell the X when the Cybertruck is ready. M3 is the wife's.

Re comments re boomers: Concur with PrescottRichard and andy.connor.e :-)

BadgerErickson | 27 november 2019

Order in for the DM AWD on 24th.

Contemplating a 2nd CT, anyone else?

NKYTA | 27 november 2019

How can I widen my townhouse garage.
This “thing” is growing on me, darnit.

Bond 007 | 27 november 2019

My first thought on seeing it was, Rivian and Detroit trucks got a free pass. Damn. From utter disgust and revulsion at first sight, it grew on me so much that I ordered one last night. Now I love the straight lines and no nonsense exterior design. Can't wait to have it. My Mercedes is going to be history.

nwfan | 27 november 2019

@NKYTA, I have the same problem. Lucky for me it will
fit on my driveway. Back up to the garage door and charge.

The truck is just over 19 feet long. It's a beast.

nwfan | 27 november 2019

@Bond 007, like you I held off on ordering. Slept on it.
Viewed picture of CT and Ford F150 tailgate to tailgate.
Gameover for F150 and Silverado. Ordered the DM AWD soon after.
The comparison of the 2 was stark. Modern - futuristic (CT),
Same ole same ole (F150).

BadgerErickson | 9 december 2019

Reminiscent of 25 years ago when it took 6-18 months for a traditional ICE UV, WE have no problems waiting 20-30 months. Very cool!

TabascoGuy | 9 december 2019

@NKYTA, It will be a little tricky parking the CT in the townhouse garage the first time. After that, it will be a 'breeze'.

sstone6 | 11 december 2019

@dhgregory, You make me feel better. I will turn 70 before getting my TM. I have another question for anybody and everybody, how do you find out where you stand in line for your CT order? I came to the party late and didn't order until Elon posted the magic 250K mark. Like others, the look originally turned me off and then it grew on me. What really got me was the 500 range.

Mark K | 11 december 2019

Ghgregory - Bravo man!

That an exciting new creation can inspire enthusiasm is life at its finest.

Reminds me of what Warren Buffet said when asked how he felt in 2008 -

“Like a teenager in a whorehouse.”

2 on order, and thinking about other uses for more of them.

ernie | 11 december 2019

@sstone6 ... good way to think...range is very critical especially in cold weather towing something. 300 miles on the dual motor version would evaporate like water poured on a sidewalk in Phoenix in July mid day if you had a lot of hills, towing something close to Max in cold weather. If I were not retiring, I too @Mark K would replace some of my business diesel pickups. I am late getting to the retirement party, but at 76 am actively auguring toward an exit ramp. Just the problem of selling two complex businesses.

Wormtown Kris | 11 december 2019

@sstone6: regarding place in line, there is a crowdsourced CT order spreadsheet, and, unlike the Model 3 reservations, RNs this time seem to be chronological. The lowest CT RN reported is # 12744124. So theoretically, deduct that number from your reservation number, and that is your sequential reservation number in the queue, not counting cancellations.
But that being said, Tesla typically doesn't roll out orders strictly in sequence. We know Tri and Dual Motor trucks will enter the market first. They may launch both at the same time, or they may start with just one. And historically, Tesla's roll out goes something like this: metro-Freemont, then California, then West Coast US, then East Coast US, then the rest of North America, then other markets.
They did the early deliveries local so that launch issues could be handled locally. Then expanded outward. There has been no indication that existing owners would get any preference, or that reservations before a certain day/time will be filled before later reservations, but who knows. Best chance of getting an early delivery is being an early reservation, wanting the first option they build, and living right near the plant they produce the CT at. After that, it gets fuzzy. Per that spreadsheet, I seem to be in the first 20,000 or so, but being on the East Coast, who knows!
Enjoy the anticipation!

BadgerErickson | 18 december 2019

This HUGE monkey wrench; I'm hearing this more and more in a GM town (of course, THAT factory is gone).

Blue collar middle class families are WAITING for this, placed orders, effectively REMOVING money from the Big 3 NOW!

Not my opinion, the GM/Ford/Dodge car lots are over flowing with unsold inventory, it's almost worthless now.

ajwhited71 | 19 december 2019

QUESTION. I am thinking about placing a preorder on the CyberTruck or waiting till I see final production.

Is the price the price or could they get more expensive?

andy.connor.e | 19 december 2019

We dont know. But your reservation price of $100 is not going to change, and is fully refundable so if the price does increase and you dont like it you can get your $100 back.

BadgerErickson | 21 december 2019

Actually AJ, I'm seeing that the price may actually DECREASE. Do not ask me to explain this, please.

andy.connor.e | 21 december 2019


I am actually interested regardless, what makes you think it would decrease??