Tesla 90D

Tesla 90D

My Tesla 90D has steadily losing range for an year now. At 80% charge I used to get 224 miles and now its reduced to 214 miles. I did a long trip where the battery was depleted twice below 10 miles and we supercharged it to 100% thrice. Not sure if this could be a reason. I asked Tesla to check the batteries but they are asking $500 for inspection. They will refund if the battery has a problem. Anybody had experience with similar situation, is this normal degradation? | 28 november 2019

Hard to say. The only value that has real meaning is discharging to below 20%, charging to 100%, and then get the range within an hour. This calibrates the range. Otherwise, if you keep charging to 80% (or some other level) the range calculation slowly goes downward. The real range is still there, just the displayed calculation goes down. | 28 november 2019

Now some degradation does occur. In the first year, 2-3% is typical, with some having 5%. After that, it drops to about 1% degradation per year. Without knowing how old the car is or the milage, no one can estimate the expected degradation for your car.

What you want to watch out for is a sudden 6-8% loss in a day. This indicates one of the modules shorted out and the pack needs to be replaced.

saravananvc | 30 november 2019

Mine is 2016 Tesla 90D. The range reduced by about 6 miles after the trip we took to Tahoe. I used to get 220 miles at 80% and now its down to 214 miles. What should be the ideal 100% range? I can discharge to less than 20% and recharge to 100% and check again. Is there an easy way to find out if a module has shortened, in that case should the entire battery be replaced or just the shortened module can be replaced? | 30 november 2019

Almost no one uses the Ideal range - it's not very realistic. The normal range, which presumably everyone uses, should match your original EPA rated range, less degradation. For 2016 with typical mileage, that would be in the 4-7 % loss. If more than 10%, I'd start to be concerned, but it's not unheard of and Tesla is not going to replace the pack for this kind of degradation.

For the most part, ignore minor changes < 3% at 80% or 90% SOC charging - they are somewhat meaningless.

If you get a sudden 6-8% loss overnight, that may indicate a battery module shorted out. While it can happen, it's exceedingly rare. The entire pack is replaced under warranty should a module die within the pack.

jbalfus | 1 december 2019

I have 2017 90D. I never get a range of over 204 miles after charge. Usual lose 4 miles/day just in the garage in Northern CA. I guess sometimes the car will auto-regulate temp. On the road mileage, range will vary by speed and grade driven.

jadenfrancis1211 | 2 december 2019

Our family has recently made some changes to our working situations and now our model S is going to be driven far less than we originally anticipated. In light of this, we are thinking about selling our car to a home where it will actually get some use. The details are:

November 2016 build Model S 90D

8,700 miles

Deep Blue Metallic Paint


19" Silver Slipstream Wheels

Black Tesla Premium Seats

Dark Ash Wood Décor

Integrated Center Console

Black Alcantara Headliner

Supercharger Enabled

Enhanced Autopilot

Subzero Weather Package

Unlimited supercharging

Transferrable maintenance plan

The Tesla offer for the car was very low so we are trying to find another option. What is the site you think most people frequent looking for a used Tesla?

kerrjohna | 3 december 2019

2016 MX with 43000 miles. 90% charge this morning showed 206 range. Not much degradation indicated. Actual miles in snow and cold will be significantly less--about 500w/hr

benbfinell | 4 december 2019

I have the same problem on my 2016 X 75D, I'm below 200 miles at 90% now. I have been tracking my battery degradation for a couple years now and have seen a large amount of battery loss (well over 10%). I've brought my car into Tesla a number of times about it and they just say its normal, which its not, but unless your battery completely stops working they wont take responsibility for any battery problems. Definitely dont pay them $500 cause in my experiences they didnt inspect anything, just ran some diagnostics but said they couldnt show me the results.