Downloading 2019.40.1.1

Downloading 2019.40.1.1

Wasnt expecting so soon, Any ideas of what is in this update?

Uncle George | 28 november 2019

40.1.1 Included a update for the auto wipers and Navigate on Autopilot lane changes. Lange changes are now more fluid/natural. Almost a perfect "mimic" to a human. The auto-wipers now run on a new neural net that should also mimic the manual settings. This is the software where if you change the wiper settings, you will teach the car how to properly function.

jimglas | 29 november 2019

2019.40.1.1 yesterday
Improved Auto wiper
Improved auto lane change
per notes

avesraggiana | 1 december 2019

Very good. I was wondering what was in it too. Will have to try out the “improved” auto lane change when I get back home tomorrow.

EVRider | 3 december 2019

I installed 40.1.1 in my 2018 S100D recently, and I’m finding that Autosteer wanders a bit within my lane on the interstate. I know that it’s supposed to move over a bit if someone in the next lane is too close, but it seems to be happening even when no one’s next to me. The first time it happened I thought I might have accidentally enabled TACC without Autosteer, but that wasn’t it.

Auto lane change seems to be better when moving into and out of HOV lanes.

EVRider | 3 december 2019

Sorry, meant to post that comment in a Model S forum thread.

avesraggiana | 5 december 2019

Post update - I’m not impressed.

In order to temper the new “aggressive” lane change, I’ve switched from Mad Max mode to one step below.

Twice, while on NoAP the car planted itself in the right most lane in preparation for taking the next, nearest exit, when what I really wanted to do was negotiate a freeway interchange the next exit down.

On NoAP, the car really loves following the herd, sniffing out the biggest, slowest knot of cars, slowing down and falling right behind them. It’s left completely confused and almost inert when confronted with cars merging onto the freeway from the right. Finally, the car on autopilot has a dangerous fixation on the broad side of 52 ft long semi-trailer, unable to resist sidling up to them and getting very, very close.

Even with its recently upgraded MCU for FSD purposes, I just don’t see how FSD in our X100D will be anything more than a very fancy, though sometimes terrifying, driver-assist system.

geodus | 5 december 2019

I've encounter charging weirdness with this update.

After charging on Sunday evening, on Monday morning I discovered my X was charged to 90%. I have the charge limit set to 80%.

This morning, after being plugged in all night, I discovered my vehicle at 55% charge. It didn't charge at all overnight, and there were no problems reported via the app (and the charge port was the normal green color).

Uncle George | 5 december 2019

@avesraggiana 40.1.1 is no longer being sent. 40.2 is the latest. This should fix the bugs. We'll have to wait and see.

avesraggiana | 6 december 2019

@Uncle George. Good to know. As of today, still on 40.1.1

Don't know if it's related - I lost both TACC and Autosteer functions today. The little grey circles in the instrument binnacle never came up, not once. When I tried to engage AP anyway, I got this rather cryptic and useless message - Cruise Control Unavaible. Reduced Radar Visibility.

Could not bring TACC and Autosteer back despite multiple resets, pressing and holding down both scroll wheels.