Aggressive FSD highway merging/exiting

Aggressive FSD highway merging/exiting

Took delivery of a Model 3 in March 2019 and got FSD shortly thereafter. Entering and exiting the highway with Navigate on Autopilot (NOA) was pretty routine and no major issues.

However, over the last couple of months, merging onto the highway or merging into an exit lane from the highway is a bit aggressive.

Below is a crude sketch of a normal exit lane in my area (Midwest). When using NOA (Software version 2019.40.2.1) and merging onto the exit lane, the car always goes over the line and onto the shoulder or barely stays in the exit lane. The change is also very rapid, so much so that half the time I take over because something feels wrong.

| ^ | |
| | | |
| Main | Exit |
| | |
| | |
| | /
| |____/
| |

The same issue happens when merging onto the highway, but the car nearly goes or does go into the middle (3 lane highway) or left (2 lane highway) lane instead of merging into the right most lane. The change is also rapid, such as the exiting described above.

Troubleshooting performed:
- Cleaned all sensors and cameras
- Rebooted car (soft)
- Used manual lane change when using Autopilot to attempt to replicate. Autopilot performs maneuver correctly.
- Issue replicated in both good and poor weather conditions (i.e. sunny and clear as well as rainy and dark)

Has anyone else had or known someone with this issue and been able to resolve it?

Greenforest5 | 13 december 2019

Well the sketch didn't come out well...below is a link of a exit type (see figure 2B9)

apodbdrs | 13 december 2019

FSD isn't available yet! But you are probably using autosteerting! Have you checked your settings on Autopilot to make sure you don't have the car on aggressive settings. Otherwise, have the Tesla Service Center check it out, does not sound right.

EVRider | 14 december 2019

40.1.x introduced more assertive lane changes. You can adjust the assertiveness by customizing Navigate on Autopilot settings.

Harriscott | 14 december 2019

By "merge onto" the exit lane, may I interpret that as "change into" the exit lane? I've found NOA too be too aggressive in tracking the exit lane line and gives a "swerving" sensation. It stays within the line and is being technically accurate but rather unpleasant. I think the exit lines were painted badly (most exits are handled gracefully). NOA should account for that, but shouldn't be too lazy about moving over or more aggressive cars would sneak in from behind.

reesharr | 14 december 2019

Yup, had the same experience on my way into London coming off dual carriageway. The slip road has a sharp start but runs for about 1/3 mile. On autopilot the car swerved towards the slip road as soon as it appeared to the shock of everyone in the car. It was trying to follow the inside white line of the slip road. I pulled the car back into the current lane, autopilot disengaged and I then steered it gently onto the slip road.

Greenforest5 | 14 december 2019

Thanks for the responses everyone. Sounds like others may have had the same issue.

My NOA settings are set to Medium and the "swerving" (thanks to Harriscott for the better description) seem to only occur when getting on/off the highway.

I'll take it up with the service center the next time I need to take it in.