navigation starts every time i start the car.

navigation starts every time i start the car.

It used to be that when I wanted to put a destination in navigation that was it . Now every time I start driving it automatically starts taking me to work. I restarted. No luck. Any ideas anyone?

teslamazing | 14 december 2019

New feature. Toggle off “automatic navigation” in menu under “navigation tab”

jdcollins5 | 14 december 2019

You really need to read the Release Notes after each update.

Lonestar10_1999 | 14 december 2019

It’s a little creepy it learns your behavior and knows where you want to go.

teslamazing | 14 december 2019

Not creepy. They want to take u to and from work without any input in a Tesla. No other car company is able to do this. Amazing. Just more data collect.

gparrot | 14 december 2019

Actually, to me , it’s very annoying: I have the ‘work’ waypoint set as the cottage. At this time of the year, I only go there once a month. Yet, every time I get in the car, it dials up a trip 465km away, where I am not going.
I get that most people use to car to commute back and forth between home and work. But this is ridiculous.

stingray.don | 14 december 2019

Just turn off the feature if you don’t want to use it

Lonestar10_1999 | 14 december 2019

The feature is nice but it becomes blatantly obvious that as we are enjoying our high tech M3 our movements are being recorded and processed, hopefully for good and noble causes only.

Pg3ibew | 14 december 2019

1984 is a few years off. But George Orwell nailed it.

gparrot | 14 december 2019

stingray.don: done deal!

gwolnik | 14 december 2019

I've learned to put my schedule with locations into the calendar on my Mac. That syncs with my iPhone which syncs with my Model 3. It is actually nice to have the navigation come up automatically when I get in, it is correct 90% of the time now! If I don't want it on, I just hit the Cancel button on the screen. If I cancelled by mistake, I just view Recent Destinations and select it again.

The only time this got really messed up was when I offered to take a friend to the airport. I put their home address in first, then the airport terminal location, then a business address where I was going to shop on the way home. These 3 separate "appointments" were all 1/2 hour apart. I was early for the pickup, so when we left, the navigation kept trying to send us back to the house. We ended up manually navigating to the airport (so much for showing off the "smart" car!) Then after dropoff at the airport, the navigation kept trying to send me back to the airport, because I was running early and that was still on the calendar before the store address. I could not figure out how to change, remove or override this, at least not while driving through the airport dropoff traffic mess. So what is really needed is a way to plan a trip with sequential stops. But I don't want to enter that all on the screen in the car, I want to type it on my computer keyboard so I can look up and copy and paste the addresses. That probably would require an upgrade from Apple and then Tesla would have to support that new feature. Right now, the algorithm seems to be, you cannot select a destination on the Tesla calendar if another appointment is on that calendar and the time for the earlier appointment has not arrived yet.

EAPme | 14 december 2019

Go to Controls > Navigation > Automatic Navigation and toggle it off.

Release notes are helpful. It's in there..

hokiegir1 | 14 december 2019

@gwolnik - you can access the calendar from the menu/cards area and choose which appointment you want to navigate to from there.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 14 december 2019

How did your surgery go? Recovering ok?