VW Sponsors NYE Show. Goodbye to Beetle. Hello to EV Future

VW Sponsors NYE Show. Goodbye to Beetle. Hello to EV Future

Did anyone catch the VW sponsored New Year's Eve propaganda?

A big farewell tribute to the Beetle, 70 years of happiness. Now it's giving way to the future- the electric iD3. Only problem is... VW has no intention of selling the iD3 EV in the US market.

What a joke. Promote a clean future vehicle that's not even available in the world's 2nd largest EV market. Why'd VW spend all that money to sell us something we can't have?

I tried to see the Ball drop at midnight but it was difficult to see the Ball behind that giant VW logo centered in the camera shot.

Goodbye Beetle and goodbye VW.

2020 is going to be the breakout year for Tesla! Hello future!

andy.connor.e | 1 januar 2020

Probably only selling to other markets because they have no chance in being competitive in the US given Teslas presence. They have a pretty short time though, Europe gigafactory is starting.

blue adept | 1 januar 2020

Consumer demand in Europe is much higher than in the U.S. in part due to higher European efficiency and pollution regulations.

But even then high-end EVs such as the Jaguar I-Pace and the Audi e-tron have “severely underperformed expectations” in 2019, selling only 2,418 and 4,623 units, respectively, year to date through November.

Tesla is now the world’s third-largest automaker by market cap, dwarfing both Ford Motor (F) and General Motors (GM), and is soon scheduled to begin deployment in Germany in the centrally-located European region.

If the e-tron (with Audi being just another branch of VW) is any indication, I don't see the "iD3 EV" doing much of any better than even their e-Golf.

Once again, just a lot of hype with no real substance.

jimglas | 2 januar 2020

I would be interested in this:
if it were not $70k and ha a range over 200 miles

blue adept | 2 januar 2020

Yes, it is an aesthetically appealing, albeit even 'cute', car and it has a loyal fan base even still today due to the nostalgia it accrued over the years that would likely attract a lot of buyers were more practically priced.

Buyers might even manage to overlook the relatively meager 200 mile range (people once scooped up GM's somewhat quirky looking EV1 and it was only capable of about 70 to 100 miles on a good day) had it a more appealing price tag.

And with the whole "emissions gate" scandal, which migrated to their other brands, still hanging over their heads:

A real push into the EV sector could go far in helping them (VW) to clean up their self-tarnished image.

BTW (for anyone of an interest), there's no way that it costs MORE for VW to manufacture a "bus" than it does for Tesla Motors to manufacture one of their top-of-the-line, most technologically advanced EV's on the road today (any of Tesla Motor's EV lineup), so I'm calling B.S...

Just saying.

FISHEV | 4 januar 2020

That is a great commercial.

"VW has no intention of selling the iD3 EV in the US market. "

VW has every intention of selling EV's in the US. Already does with Audi, Porsche and VW.

All mfgs concentrate their EV sales in EU and Asia where the EV markets are much more robust and the support network from charging to service is much more robust, where government regs favor EV's vs. US which is antagonistic to EV's,

Audi e-Tron, Jaguar i-Pace, Kona EV, Niro EV are all big sellers in EU markets and have been big sales boosts for Audi, Jag and Hyundai.

US sales add to the success but the vast majority of sales are in EU/Asia, not US.

Wormtown Kris | 4 januar 2020

@FISHY: "VW has no intention of selling the iD3 EV in the US market. "
VW has every intention of selling EV's in the US. Already does with Audi, Porsche and VW.

Once again FISHY cannot read, and tries to deflect. VW HAS NO INTENTION of selling that car in the US. That is a fact.

jordanrichard | 5 januar 2020

FISHEV, the EV sales would only be a so called “big sales boost” IF and that is a big IF, those sales were new customers versus from within their existing customers. Tesla has sold “X” number of Model 3’s, but that doesn’t mean there all new EV owners. Many existing MS owners traded in their cars to get a 3.

Regardless whether or not the VAG plans on selling here isn’t the states, it simply comes down to if the dealers really want to sell those respective EVs.

FISHEV | 5 januar 2020

"EV sales would only be a so called “big sales boost” IF and that is a big IF, those sales were new customers versus from within their existing customers."

Which is pretty much what has happened with e-Tron and i-Pace. Both added sales to Audi and Jab above and beyond the regular model sales. Both saw sales increase overall due to their successful EV's.

jordanrichard | 5 januar 2020

So FISHEV, how many E-Trons and I-Paces were bought by new to Audi and Jag, buyers. You said they provided a sales boost, so how many/much of a boost.

blue adept | 6 januar 2020


'it' damn it, 'it', as in "...would likely attract a lot of buyers were [it] more practically priced.

I tell ya, some days....

blue adept | 6 januar 2020

VW's Beetles were, literally, tin cans and their "buses" were, literally, tin boxes with 4 wheels, some seats and an engine and people bought those things up due to the versatility and, in particular, price.

If VW (much like other automakers) stopped being so damn pro-ICE and just transitioned to BEV's already, and did so at comparable ICE pricing, then the demand for their cars might exceed their supply (though doubtful due to their extensive infrastructure build out accrued from over a century in the car business), but they're still dragging their feet despite the increase in public sentiment for BEV's (in spite of the ICE auto industries' best efforts to disparage and demean BEV's).

David N | 6 januar 2020

“Both saw sales increase overall due to their successful EV's.”
Do you consider those EV’s “successful”?

jimglas | 7 januar 2020

I don't understand who would purchase them with the superior vehicle available?

rxlawdude | 7 januar 2020

@jim, anyone who believes lies would be a perfect VW customer. That also applies to voters for a very orange guy.

blue adept | 19 januar 2020


A lot of people also found them "cute"....

kozakor | 22 januar 2020

I like VW cars, but not the Beetle model

jordanrichard | 22 januar 2020

kozakor, which version of the Beetle. BTW despite all the stone throwing at VW, in all fairness you have to give credit to VW being able sell so many Beetles in the late 90's-early 2000's without it even saying "Beetle" on it. Nowhere on the car did it say Beetle, yet everyone knew what it was.

Where on the Model 3 does it say "Tesla" or even "Model 3".. Though unarguably, most people simply know it as a "Tesla".

Cybertruckee | 22 januar 2020

There will still be a market and remaining sentimentally with VW bus -- specially they come up with an EV camper with long range.

blue adept | 22 januar 2020


Yes, a big part of America's problems are because Sith Lord Palpatine (that "very orange guy" you mentioned) managed to worm his way into the presidency...

Woe on us.

blue adept | 22 januar 2020


Brand awareness is a beneficial factor in vehicle recognition, as long as it's positive awareness like Tesla has now and VW once had before the whole emission's scandal thing....

blue adept | 22 januar 2020


That's possible and I'm pretty sure that they might even manage to find a few buyers at their current price point, but they'll never regain an appreciable stake of the EV market if they continue to fabricate the perception that they're only able to delve into the EV market with exorbitantly priced vehicles when there's already someone else out there (Tesla) producing an exceptionally better vehicle at a lower price that isn't even a tin box with wheels.

jordanrichard | 23 januar 2020

blue adept completely agree.

Cybertruckee | 23 januar 2020

@blue adept -- agree. And everyone else's price point Tesla wannabe competitor is way bubbly while capabilities are way below. Kind of deviate from the traditional marketing concept of high price, high performance.

blue adept | 24 januar 2020


Thanks! It's just the facts of the matter, no spin.

I mean, just how diabolical is it to write and install software and devices specifically designed to conceal actual vehicle exhaust emission levels just to past testing and fool inspectors to earn a low emissions stamp only to revert back to unrestrained pollution emissions once no one is looking (subsequent testing revealed that the VW's were actually emitting even more CO2 than typical for a vehicle of their size/class)?!

Just what kind of a mind does it take to even think up things like that?

Diabolical I tell you, diabolical.

blue adept | 24 januar 2020


That's part of the combined effort by the ICE and petroleum industries to generate the narrative that it (a reasonably priced EV) can't be done at a market receptive price by parading these overpriced concepts in the public arena, along arbitrarily closing factories and laying off workers, all under the guise of needing to "raise capital" to "fund the transition" to EV manufacturing, or some other such bit of contrived, propaganda BS designed to create a public sentiment of animosity and bitterness towards Tesla and EV's in general.

Think of it as "subliminal messaging" because, well, that's exactly what it is

Thing is, if a startup can do it from scratch with no beforehand experience or taxpayer backed government subsidies and limited to no resources, then automakers who've been in the industry for over a 100+ years with all of the accumulated experience, multi-continental resources, subsidiaries and manpower they've amassed can do it, but for the want....

So, sure, they can claim that it can't be done, but the only fly in their deception ointment is that Tesla already has!