Premium Connectivity Package

Premium Connectivity Package

I understand most users are glad that they now have to pay 10$ per month for internet. I don't understand Tesla's viewpoint on this so I'll try and break it down. Tesla requires a constant internet connection as the amount of data they analyze from each user is very large. I'm fine with that, the more data they have, the better the product will become. My issue is now they are trying to pawn off the cost of this to the end user. They are making it seem as if premium data connection is needed for Caraoke, live traffic, music, etc.. but in reality they already require it to make their own product better.

If they want to take this route, they must have an option to refuse collecting any and all data from us. In machine learning, data is crucial and expensive. We are providing them the largest dataset in the market for free. I was fine with them taking any data from us with us having the benefit of convenient features but now they are trying to make us pay the cost for them to gather data. Not cool Tesla. | 9 januar 2020

It seems like a silly argument. If you don't want Tesla to collect information, there is an opt-out option - they really don't need your specific data. If you don't want premium connectivity - don't buy it. The price provides more services and is cheaper than just about every other automaker, often a lot cheaper. If you really hate Tesla, buy an MB, BMW or GM product. Of course, the fees are far higher from all these makers.

GoldAK47 | 9 januar 2020

I have premium and couldnt care less about it. If someone paid me $10 a month I would do without.

BuffaloBillsFan | 9 januar 2020

Sorry, but I don’t see a problem. I spend more buying beer in a week than I will for premium connectivity per month. If it helps Tesla, then that is even better!

omac | 10 januar 2020

I was an original MS owner from 2013 - and I thought when I upgraded to my current new MS, I would get both free lifetime supercharging and connectivity on the new car too. If so, anyone know where to find this language? I do see that I do have Unlimited Free Supercharging. Thx. | 10 januar 2020

@omac - It's documented somewhere, but yes, older cars get lifetime connectivity too. I think it is in S/X purchased before 2017, but it may have included some early 2017 sales too.

EVRider | 10 januar 2020

@omac: The cutoff for free lifetime Premium Connectivity was for cars ordered before July 2018. See the support article for details:

The free supercharging deal has changed so many times that I've lost track. If you have free lifetime supercharging, it should say that on your order agreement and on the vehicle details page of your Tesla account. Unfortunately the latter is not that reliable, since some people are seeing Pay Per Use Supercharging even when they have free supercharging.

Yodrak. | 10 januar 2020

"free lifetime supercharging"

I believe that these days the "lifetime" in "free lifetime supercharging" ends when you no longer own the car.

EVRider | 10 januar 2020

Or when you die. (Sorry :-) | 10 januar 2020

@EVRider - Thanks for better dates than I had.

@Yodrak - That's true of cars bought after 31-Dec-2016. Prior S/X has transferable free lifetime supercharging.

MLHayek | 31 januar 2020

Is anyone having issues with their connectivity pacakage? I originally subscribed on January 7th but it never kicked in but they did make the charge, working with Tesla Tech people it was another week before I actually got connected and was charged again, today 1/31/20 I was alerted to a problem with billing and the connection went down and I am without service again even thought i have been charged twice
Anyone else having issue with this option?

makhtc28 | 2 februar 2020

$10 for net connectivity is quite reasonable keeping in mind the service tesla offer.

bill.chirdon | 10 februar 2020

How do I reconnect my wifi connection?

EVRider | 10 februar 2020

@bill: What do you mean exactly?