Winter Boot Camp at Lancaster PA SC

Winter Boot Camp at Lancaster PA SC

Special thanks to the Tesla Owners Club of Susquehanna Valley (TOCSV) and all the folks who put together the Winter Boot Camp presentation at the Lancaster PA service center.

The advice for making the best decisions to maximize range was spot on and timely. This was the second Boot Camp meeting I attended and both times I got a lot out of it.

The advice was great, the coffee and donuts delicious, but most of all, the sense of community and caring came through loud and clear. This is proof positive that Tesla is more than an automobile manufacturer, they are the leaders of a grass roots movement.

vmulla | 19 januar 2020

Is there any way we can get what was presented? Maybe other local groups like our own can mimick this successful event? Thanks

Lonestar10_1999 | 20 januar 2020

They put together a very nice power point (pdf) that they promised they would email to all attendees. They requested that the presentation NOT be shared with the general public but I think some of the tips would be perfect for the forum.

One tip that’s worth sharing has to do with brake maintenance. Although it’s not published, Tesla recommends having the brake calipers cleaned yearly after the winter season. The winter treated roads have a corrosive effect on the pads, rotors, and the entire brake assembly. Tesla offers the brake cleaning as a low cost preventative maintenance service for those driving in harsh winter environments.

vmulla | 20 januar 2020

Understood :)
Thank you, and the Winter Boot Camp organizers too.