"Failed to Turn on Climate"

"Failed to Turn on Climate"

Anyone experiencing this frustrating state of affairs.

Tried to start climate remotely, get the above message.

I went and sat in the car and the climate dutifully started up, all climate, wheel and seat heating functioning.

Leave the climate on, get out of the car.

The climate dutifully switches off.

Try turning it on remtely get the same message.

What gives??

Any solutions out there?

I really don't want to sit in the cold car while it "pre-heats"

Pointers gratefully recieved...

tes-s | 28 januar 2020

iOS? Try killing the app and restarting it.

Anthony J. Parisio | 28 januar 2020

I had the same problem yesterday. Another symptom was Dog mode said "unavailable because of System fault." I rebooted twice. First I did scroll wheels and brake then power down button. No luck. I drove the car as I needed an found all was back to normal by the time I stopped. Strange.
2017 S90D 9600 miles.

azajali43 | 28 januar 2020

If you are using your mobile for control the system of climate, Then it might be possible that you are using the old version of Tesla App. So you can update the App.

Bighorn | 28 januar 2020

I would get that message when the MCU died, but that would be apparent in the car with screen issues. Any communication breakdown could cause it. Are other app functions disabled or ineffectual like remote start?

RAR | 28 januar 2020

I had the same two problems as AJP; not able to turn on from app (android) and not able to keep on when leaving car. I did the same reboots that he did, also without fixing the problem. It took much longer to self repair, over three weeks while away from home, with no software updates. 2017 S90D 30,000 miles MCU1 AP2 2019.40.2.1

Prames | 28 januar 2020

Been happening to me for about 4 months. Fails about 1 day out of 4. Reinstalled app, rebooted phone, rebooted car, nothing helped. Notified Tesla through app (Schedule Service) twice a couple months apart, they said it's a known software bug and will be fixed in a future release. Been through several new releases, no progress. If you report it, tell them the date and time of the problem so they can check your car's logs.

Prames | 29 januar 2020

The only thing like a workaround I've found is to go open the door slightly when I want it to start warming up. Loses some heat to the garage, but it's cold up here in New England!

tagueja | 4 februar 2020

Same issue on my X. Sometimes it works, sometimes doesn't. Can't find a pattern. Service center said it's a firmware issue that has been given a high priority. Not sure how it only seems to affect a small number of owners. Any model 3 owners affected? Or just S and X?

FastGTR | 5 februar 2020

Had the problem pop up on Model 3. Completely randomly. Open a service ticket. A week later I was told new version was being pushed out. Got the latest model 3 version that came though last week and the problem still exists. In fact it is worse now. It accepts the turn on command and any changes (e.g. to temp and seat heaters) then it turns off exactly 40 seconds later. Subsequent attempts to turn it on fail. Really terrible not have that feature and the importance it has on gaining regen. back.

FastGTR | 5 februar 2020

I suggest opening service tickets so that Tesla realize how important this is for the northern half of the continents.

Tldickerson | 5 februar 2020

I wonder if the new Taycan is going to have all of these electrical and computer problems like Tesla seams to be having lately. All Tesla seams to want to say is that it's a software problem and were working on it. Then they bring out a fix but cause another problem when they try and fix another.

backinthelab | 25 februar 2020

This just started happening today to my X. Not happy considering it’s freezing out right now. Hope it’s fixed soon.

backinthelab | 25 februar 2020

This just started happening today to my X. Not happy considering it’s freezing out right now. Hope it’s fixed soon.

roodtuodave | 25 februar 2020

Same issue. Took to service center in Toledo, OH. They said pressure was low in the A/C system and fixed that figuring that when the car was cold soaked overnight the pressure would drop enough to disable the remote heat activation. The next morning I had the same failure, failed to turn on the climate control. Heading down to Toledo again tomorrow and hoping they will be able to resolve the issue.
Model S 75D, 2017. ~65K miles.

hikerockies | 25 februar 2020

I have been seeing the same for a few months. It started with 2019.40 and hasn't changed with 2020.4. In my case I can turn climate control on from app and every now and then, it turns itself off after about 30 seconds. Once that happens, any attempts to turn climate control back on results in this error message. This error persists across multiple Android and iOS device once in that state. It starts working correctly again later the same day or next day without having to reboot MCU. Battery percentage doesn't seem to matter. It has done that when car was plugged in as well as when it wasn't. I have MCU1 and AP2.