IRS Form 8936

IRS Form 8936

Hi all,

I'm in the process of starting my federal taxes (United States) and was looking for where/when I could enter my EV tax credit (took delivery on 12/24/2019) and apparently it is captured on IRS form 8936, which allegedly will not be available until 02/12/2020. Does anyone know how this will work? Will I get the form from Tesla and/or the IRS? Will I have to fill it out myself? It was my understanding that the EV credit was notorious for it's lack of documentation, it's borderline honors system. I was a bit surprised to learn there is a form.

reed_lewis | 2 februar 2020

Tesla has nothing to do with the IRS forms. You need to wait until the form is available from the IRS.

reed_lewis | 2 februar 2020

All you will need for the form is the VIN, date of car placed in service and the amount the credit you get ($1875)

The value from the form you fill in goes into your 1040

SCCRENDO | 2 februar 2020

If you use an accountant they should know what to do. It’s pretty simple. If your accountant doesn’t know you likely need a new accountant

reed_lewis | 3 februar 2020

Form 8936 is now available for 2019 from the IRS.

carmencabuel | 9 marts 2020

Hello, can some please guide me on filling out form 8936? Got my model 3 last 12/21/2019. So my text credit will be $1875 (25%) For personal use only please help. Thank you in advance
Kindly let me know if I filled out correctly form 8936?as follows:
Part 1:
4a: $7500
4b : 25%
4c: $1875

15: $1875 ( enter amount from line c)
16: ? Do I have to leave this blank
17: ?? Do I have to leave this blank
18: $1875
Is this correct ? Since the vehicle has 4 wheels, leave lines 16 and 17 blank and go to line 18.

For line 18, carry the $1875 from line 15.

Lines 19 through 23 determines if $1875 is greater or the amount of your tax after credit is bigger.
Is this correct? Thank you very much.
Form is kind of confusing

EVRider | 10 marts 2020

@carmencabuel: That's correct, including the part about leaving 16 and 17 blank.