I AM SO EXCITED!!! I got my "your car will be built in the next two weeks" text from tesla!!!!!!!

It's a model X Performance. I can't wait to join the EV group! Any advice as to the best "things to know " for the X? I know im going to print out the delivery sheet, but is there anything else im missing?

n7142701886 | 13 februar 2020

Time is coming, congrats

TESLA901 | 14 februar 2020


awodele | 14 februar 2020

Congrats! I just picked up my 2018 model x yesterday

lowtek | 14 februar 2020

Same here! Got mine a few days ago, Performance with 22’s.

dmm1240 | 14 februar 2020


* Read the manual. Tesla’s have differences from ICE cars that aren’t obvious
* The key to operating and enjoying your X is learning the software interface. Spend time playing with the screens to learn where everything is
* Unless things have changed, don’t charge your car to 100% when you’re not on a trip. 80-90% is recommended.
* Learn how to set the timer to charge overnight when electricity rates are typically lower. Consider buying a walk mount charger. It costs $500 but the advantage is it makes charging your X as simple as plugging in your smartphone. I set mine to start charging at 11 pm every day. What happens if you’re not plugged in at 11? Nothing, simply plug in when you get home or forget and it will start charging immediately without complaining.
* If you encounter a software glitch, first try rebooting the system by presiding and holding down both scroll wheels at the same time until your main screen goes black. It will reboot, this usually solves most issues, the Tesla equivalent of rebooting your PC.
* It will take a couple of hours practice to master regenerative braking. When you take your foot off the accelerator pedal your X becomes a brick. At first, you’ll find yourself stopping short of where you intend when stopping at a red light. You’ll get the hang of it.

robertaj | 14 februar 2020

Thanks guy I plan on printing out the work just installed some fast chargers so that's pretty exciting. I can't wait!! Nj just passed a law to rebate the $500 charger so it will be free... so that plus free supercharging for life is a great deal

TSLA67 | 14 februar 2020

Got my text as well. However, also heard today Tesla just released a range increase/update for Model S and X. Does this apply to cars that are scheduled to be delivered as well???

Pungoteague_Dave | 15 februar 2020

@TSLA67 "Got my text as well. However, also heard today Tesla just released a range increase/update for Model S and X. Does this apply to cars that are scheduled to be delivered as well???"

Yes, and all cars delivered for the past few months.

Pungoteague_Dave | 15 februar 2020

Floor mats and wall charger should get you set up. You'll find a lot of goodies later. I especially like the brighter interior lighting available here:

jfj.jem | 16 februar 2020

go to you tube. Tesla model x

TSLA67 | 16 februar 2020

@pungoteague_dave awesome thank you!

TSLA67 | 16 februar 2020

@pungoteague_dave awesome thank you!

robertaj | 20 februar 2020

found my VIN in the source code now too!!! So i am well underway! the only funny think is on the tesla site the VIN areas on the standard page is missing all together... but it's listed in the source code...... I'm getting close !

Dirkster | 20 februar 2020

Congrats - make sure you do a complete walkthrough exterior and interior - there are checklists online. You shouldn't have fit/ finish issues that occurred a few years back, but even on my Benz I was so excited that I got a "deal" that accepted the new vehicle with obvious paint bubbles around the license plate. I should have just asked for a new car rather than $500 off the negotiated rate. All that is to say, years later I had to replace the entire hatch as rust ate clear through ( not complaining too much as the Benz is still running after 15 years). fast forward to Model X, paint is great ( I even got a clear coat wrap put on it after purchase), drove home excited and realized that Tesla gave me floor mats for a 5 seater and I have 6 seats. its little things like that you have to be diligent about. Love the car, not overwhelmed by the lack of communication.

Oh, yeah - note that your tires are NOT covered by any warranty. Bought my Model X 2 months ago, tire was flat in my garage 2 weeks ago ( i thought the low tire pressure warning was just a glitch during the day) . You cant call anyone for service. Correction, you will not get a live voice - the app allows you to get a loaner tire installed wherever you are and takes your damaged tire to the service center. Of course, much like when you waited anxiously to get confirmation for your car delivery the same kind of - hello, hello, hello - happens when you want to know whats going on with your tire. I just drove to center a day before my scheduled appointment, because I had the dates mixed up. It turned out to be fortuitous because the service tech said they were going to call me to let me know that I'd need to replace the tire ($400.00 for rear passenger-side tire)!! The tech said I could try Tire rack ($291) - which I did and have them deliver to Tesla and install for $55. Of course, I had to go back to the Service center 2 days later and let them know that the tire arrived the previous afternoon. And then after sitting around for two hours I notice my car was out front - for awhile. Its a new company and even seasoned OEMs have snafus- its just hard too deal with little inconveniences when you drop 6 figures for a vehicle- technologically superior be that it may.

robertaj | 23 februar 2020

thats for all the advice !!! and boom just like that on a sunday around noon i got a text saying to schedule pickup of my car for next friday 2/28

so Order placed 1/22 and delivery will be 2/28 (barring any delays)

Luisito | 23 februar 2020

Wow that was pretty fast. When I ordered my performance Model X it took over two months “BUT” it was due to the Raven upgrades. So delays can mean good news for those who patiently wait. Considering that when I ordered it was the pre-Raven production. What a surprise!!! Got to love Tesla’s continual model year improvements.

zolonanta | 20 marts 2020

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