Car cleaning

Car cleaning

I have had my model s for 5 years. During that time I have had very little interface with the local seattle service center. Recently I needed to visit the new service center in north seattle and had to leave my car for a couple days waiting for a part . When I returned to pick up my car I noticed that it was not cleaned. When I mentioned this to the manager he stated “ it is Tesla’s policy to not clean cars to help the environment” this is just not good policy. I get my ice pickup serviced at a small car repair shop that has installed a car wash booth that recycles the water. So I think this policy stinks. My wife loves the car but recently went with a friend to a local Lexus dealer and was amazed at the way they ensured her friend got a clean car. Prior to my Tesla I owned a couple Mercedes and the car was always cleaned. Am I out of line or do others feel the same.

gihaca2725 | 20 februar 2020

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teslu3 | 21 februar 2020

Is it wise for Tesla to clean cars when there are so many complaints about Tesla service delays and insufficient communication? If they do, Tesla would still be questioned on how thoroughly they clean and how much spent on it.

andy.connor.e | 21 februar 2020

When you find the sentence in the service receipt or contract that indicates they are going to clean your car when done, then we can have a better conversation about this.

TabascoGuy | 21 februar 2020

Whoever got the car dirty is responsible for cleaning it.

jordanrichard | 21 februar 2020

That is not a Tesla wide policy. My service center here in Ct will wash your car, if you ask. By only washing cars that owner's request, cuts down on the workload of the detailing shop. Where you are, they may be taking the "saving the planet" mantra a touch too far.

teslu3 | 21 februar 2020

Not cleaning cars "to help the environment" is not saving the planet. Some places see increasing drought where reducing water usage is important. It is simple and inexpensive to clean a car with little water; e.g., No Rinse Wash & Shine. If you don't have time for it you can pay to have it done. Personally, it takes me about 20 minutes to clean my car; it takes more time to use a service to clean it and never cleans it as well as I do. Let Tesla focus on improving needed service.

lilbean | 21 februar 2020

Love the new policy. They have no business cleaning cars.

SO | 21 februar 2020

It seems like there used to be threads of people complaining that Tesla messed up their car when they cleaned it. Ie...swirls, etc.

Now people don’t like it that their car is dirty.

Can’t win.

Sure it’s nice if they clean it but I purposely go to a specific touch less car wash or hand wash to avoid swirls. Not that big of deal.

SO | 21 februar 2020

I do think their environment excuse is lame unless there is a drought. They could at least maybe do it upon request but otherwise no.

And it is a poor use of their time if it slows down service.

iammikeb | 21 februar 2020

I purchased a new Tesla Model 3 two months ago and as much as I'd like to wash it myself, I don't have the time. Does anyone know if the car can go through a car wash?

vopima2188 | 22 februar 2020

It appears there used to be strings of individuals grumbling that Tesla wrecked their vehicle when they cleaned it. Ie...swirls, and so on. nice life as of now.

john.lernert1 | 28 februar 2020

Less efficient tires and drive slower