New Navigation Feature

New Navigation Feature

I have an idea to improve the onboard navigation system on Teslas. Is this the right place to share it?

Feature 1: Inspired by the Navigation App Waze, where you can share traffic information to other users, like dense traffic, obstacles on/by the road, icing conditions and more. Its done in a few clicks on the app. This feature would be great to have in the navigation feature onboard all Teslas also.

Feature 2: The navigation software can shows dense traffic so that you can pick another route. If all Teslas automatically shares speed and routes anonymously to all other cars, the traffic information would probably be more accurate and traffic information would be updated in real-time.

Feature 3: Via-Waypoints. The Tesla Navigation software is lacking a way to add Via Waypoints to a route. For example if you need to stop by school on your way home from work. It also lack the function to select a different Supercharger underway. If the selected one is full, you have to manually find another. It should be an option to select another enroute.

Feature 4 (Mobile App): Route planning from either Google Maps or the integrated Tesla App would make trip planning significantly easier, and would make your car ready to go before you enter it. Plan in the app from home before you go, then send the plan to the car. This feature is already availably for Superchargers, but not destinations.

Uncle George | 21 februar 2020

For Features 1&2 if premium connectivity is active, the map does shows live traffic. You would need to hit the red light icon. The map will show red/green/orange. For half of #2 & 3 I do believe Tesla will add auto re-route only if the owner has FSD purchased since navigate on autopilot follows the nav route. For waypoints, have you tried using your calendar. If you have your calendar paired, it could route you to your first destination, then second.

Vawlkus | 21 februar 2020

Waypoints are better utilized via ABRP, which can be used to layout a route on your computer, then bring up the saved route in the cars browser and input it in legs via the nav screen.

txakoli | 21 februar 2020

Feature 4: you can currently send any destination to the vehicle from Google Maps. Pick a destination on your phone, pick Share, then pick Tesla. You can “stack” destinations in the NAV; just repeat the process.

Luisito | 22 februar 2020

For #1, you can load Tesla Waze from the web browser in the car. Shows wind speed and direction as well as all the handy Waze features.

Here’s the link:

jmsony | 22 april 2020

please add AR (Augmented Reality) Navigation to the model 3
I believe system is capable