Power save while on vacation

Power save while on vacation

Parking my Model 3 at a parking lot for over a week. How do I conserve my range or power down?
Last time I was down to almost empty after a week with out charging.

maximo44 | 29 februar 2020

Can I turn the model 3 COMPLETELY off?

stingray.don | 29 februar 2020

Just turn off sentry mode and summon standby. Also avoid the temptation of continually checking the car from the app.

PrescottRichard | 29 februar 2020

The S manual says expect 1% a day loss, maybe the 3 is different but that’s a good number to keep in mind. Do what Stingray Don says and you should be okay.

sakeith | 29 februar 2020

I reduced the drain on my Model S by turning on energy savings (Display > Energy Savings) and turning off smart preconditioning (Vehicle > Smart Preconditioning). Sentry Mode was using up about 20 miles of range a day when my car was parked at an airport, so keep it off.

EVRider | 1 marts 2020

Better yet, leave the car at home and take an Uber.