Why is there no search function for the forums?

Why is there no search function for the forums?

I'm sure it has been discussed many times, but how would I know, I CAN'T SEARCH FOR IT.

NKYTA | 9 marts 2020
EVRider | 9 marts 2020
jordanrichard | 9 marts 2020

Changes are coming, to include a search function.

Dramsey | 9 marts 2020

Because searching a textual database that backs up an online forum is an intractable computer science problem. No less a personage than Ted Nelson, the inventor of hypertext, thought it would never be solved.

Today, there is some hope that future deployment of quantum computers will enable this capability. I think I read that the MIT Media Lab is working on a quantum algorithm that could, in theory, be deployed to provide text search capability.

Other pie-in-the-sky dreams like imbedded images, styled text, notifications, editing, and whatnot are the stuff of science fiction and will remain so for the foreseeable future. | 9 marts 2020

@Dramsey - you can get some of that today! Try out my free chrome extension:

This has screenshots to show how it improves the forum like embedded images and videos, search, color poster highlighting, spam detection, auto flag spammers, and more!

NKYTA | 9 marts 2020

Dramsey, we don’t often agree, but that was funny! :-)

EVRider | 9 marts 2020

@jordanrichard: You keep saying that, but we’re still waiting. I know, “soon”...

Propwash | 11 marts 2020

I think I need a geek Dictionary to understand Dramsey :)